Yankee Doodle Desi

Five Amreekan things every ‘virgin’ NRI is bound to have in common.


My Mute Commute In Singapore

After years of jumping queues and waving down dangerously careening rickshaws (which tend to stop 5 millimetres away from my Bata-clad feet) and hopping off slow-moving trains in India, one develops a sort of thirst for a daily quota of excitement. And if one does not avail of this quota daily, then things can get stifling.…

Confessions of a Fearless Palate

When I think about packaged food in India, my mind automatically conjures up images of cold tetraPaks of mango Frooti (fresh and juicy), packets of crunchy Kurkure (can never have enough of Kurkure, can you?) and rows of instant flour mixes pledging loyalty to India’s long standing tradition of hearty carb-filled breakfasts. The Singaporean supermarkets however…