Reading and other things my kids don’t want to do 

Now this year, R made the big and painful leap from reading children’s books to books for children which have chapters and minimal pictures. Ok it wasn’t a leap, it’s been a frigging slow drag through each chapter with whines and moans galore. 

So I asked around for advice. How do you ease this transition? How do you make them ‘love’ it? And someone said, best thing is to make them see you read. 

Well in theory, excellent advice, but we all know moms don’t read when children are awake. Cos reading requires sitting down (preferably), one hand holding the spine of your beloved book, other hand idly fingering the top right corner of the page, your mind focused on reading the words, your brain digesting these words, enjoying the – CRASH, BANG, HOLLER! 

Children, well they don’t even like it if you go to reheat your coffee, let alone read a page off a book! 

But somehow, I managed to seat myself on the bed with a book. First S walked in, and asked me ‘whatcha doing’. I didn’t respond. Because personal space is over rated, he barreled into my lap, kicking the book sufficiently as he settled himself.

I was annoyed but pretended to be too engrossed in the book to notice him. Then R aka the Prey entered.

Hey, what are you both doing?

Reading“, I said brightly, but not too brightly. Must be casual. 

Nice! Can I read? Please!!!

Sure, let’s get your book.”

No this one, please.

This one is for adults. You won’t understand it.”

Please Amma, this one.

Ok fine, read“. 

After 2 seconds, “I don’t understand it.

So get your book…”


Well that went well didn’t it?


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