He kicked me. Over and over again. Every night, it was the same. 

I had tried to make things different between us. But he wouldn’t listen. Come morning, and he pretended like it wasn’t his fault. 

I thought about our initial days together. We had got along so well and in a few months we were inseparable. 

And then the hitting started. I tried to make up reasons for his behaviour. He was tired, or maybe I had done something to annoy him.

But even when I cried out in anger, he carried on with the violence.

Tonight, he had been moody before he went to bed. I knew it was going to be a long night for me. 

I looked at him sleeping beside me, his small head nestled under the crook of my arm, and I thought co-sleeping with a toddler wasn’t a good idea after all. 

We needed to get a toddler bed ASAP.


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