Maine Pyaar Kiya – A Movie Review-ish post

I had the honour of watching Maine Pyaar Kiya, many years ago. I didn’t hear much of the movie’s dialogues or follow much of the plot owing to my older sister’s screams of everlasting love to Salman Khan.

So when I saw it appear on my Netflix suggested list, I thought why not, lets give this a go.

Now I understand this set off some trend in being a modern family drama-esque something of the 80s..blah blah…but if you watch it again now, it certainly provides good fodder for a humour post.

So the movie starts off with the pretty 17 year old Suman-bitiya (aka Baghyashree), who lives with her Dad in the countryside. Her days are spent in doing predictable good daughterly things.

Now this was Baghyashree’s big debut film. And the director wanted her opening scene to special and memorable. So they filmed her rising from a mount of dried red chillies. Yup, this actually happened.


Due to certain circumstances, her Dad played by Alok Nath (of the sanskari fame) has to leave his lovely daughter with his really rich but annoyingly distant friend, who is Salman Khan’s Dad.

He goes to meet the friend at his big fancy office where everyone drinks Fanta and discusses crore-worthy deals all day long.


The rich friend isn’t too pleased with the arrangement but agrees. Because the movie must go on.

Suman moves in with the family, where she wins everyone’s hearts and is the most loveable thing ever. Enter Prem (aka Salman Khan) who has just finished his education abroad (because of course) and returned home.

Suman and Prem get along well. But in a platonic sense only, because Suman is the goddess of virtue and random chai-serving. And good girls don’t have boyfriends…eeesh.

They have loads of fun roaming around town, playing table tennis in odd attire and singing songs.


Villain roles are shared by Prem’s Dad’s business partner, his son and his daughter. The daughter tries to seduce Prem with her shoulder pads but her hair frizz prevents an actual connection from happening.  The Dad wants to trick them out of their money. And the son is ummmm…ya he just emits evil lewd stares at Suman once in a while which gives Prem a chance to flex his biceps.


I am not going to go into the details but soon Prem and Suman realise they have feelings for each other. Prem writes Suman a love letter, and she does some soul-searching herself. In her room, which is decorated with his pictures. Obvious much?


This is followed by few songs which made it to the blockbuster category back in the day. Very melodious numbers. The dance steps do leave much to be desired.


And then more songs happen. In an apple strewn yard, where she picks up 3 apples and holds them against her chest and looks about coyly through out the song. What gives?


And one more song where the costume designer who secretly hated Bhagyshree dressed her up. And made her wear a Halloween costume instead.
A few parental arguments, some nail-biting hero villain fight scenes later, Suman and Prem get married. Happys Endings.
I thought the movie was cute. Funny yes, but cute. It was a time when Salman Khan still had a neck. Le sigh…the good old days.

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