A trip to the restroom

 She smelt it before she saw it. The slight smell of urine and disinfectant. 

‘Tch’, someone said irritably and walked past her to open the door to the ladies restroom.

She followed the woman inside and scanned the scene inside calmly. On the left was a full length mirrored wall. There was the line of ladies standing in front of the mirror reapplying shades of lipstick, pulling down tops that had risen up, trying to coax their hair into different styles.

To the right she saw the row of washbasins, and heard the sound of running water. And next to it was the hand drying machine. She never liked the sound of that machine. It startled her every time.

A lady walked past her. She was wiping her hands on a paper towel and the heels of her shoes went click-clack. There was a bit of toilet paper stuck onto a heel, but the lady was too busy to notice. 

She kept walking and paused at the row of stalls. She always preferred the stall at the end of the row where the light wasn’t so bright. 

As she entered the stall, she heard a shriek.


The inhabitant of the stall swore, and hurried out muttering “Bloody cockroaches!”


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