This week with Ryan


I don’t know what gratitude is in the world of a 5-year-old. I assume it’s entitlement for them most of the time. Their clothes magically appear washed and milk is always at that correct temperature to drink and a wet head of hair is wiped anxiously lest they catch a cold.

But then again I might be wrong. Once in a blue moon, they look up from play and they notice a fraction of the efforts you put in to make that day extra special.

“How you peeled the carrots, how you let it simmer to just the correct softness.”


Most of these times they shrug it off and continue playing. But sometimes they stop and acknowledge it.

Now, grand thank-you gestures are for adults. We all know that. Kisses, presents, “Good job mama!”, the works. Children on a lucky day may hug you for a moment before sidling away. They may talk to a toy telling them what their Amma has made.

“How she blended the carrots and dates with the vinegar just right, tasting as she went, making sure it tasted like how he liked it.”

They may run excitedly to tell their fathers when they get back from work. And in all these actions we must conclude that is their way of saying thank you.

But sometimes, the actions are more subtle. You might even miss these little gestures. They may write in their notebooks 7 words which make your day and makes you forget the dirty saucepan, blender, and spoons in the kitchen sink.


” This motherhood, full of warm feelings, and even warmer hugs. And the stains on your T-shirt? Well, we can always buy a new white T-shirt, right ? “

This motherhood. This insane, crazy journey.


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