Once upon a Headache

“Can sharks fly?”
“No they can’t”

“Can dogs vomit?”
“Yes they can.”

“Can a robot cry?”
(Sighs) ” I am not sure.”

“When is my birthday?”
“You know it’s next week.”

“Can you carry me?”

“Does your head hurt? ”
“Stevie please no more questions. I have a headache.”
“I go get medicine.”
Returns with IPad with Netflix icon opened.

The Toddler : A terrifying combination of questions, tantrums and hit-and-miss wisdom a.k.a Stevie (a week shy of the Big 3)

Happy birthday big little person .

Author’s note: Stevie will turn 3 in a week. If you met him he would mention this fact to you, about 35781 times.

To read my earlier milestone write-ups:

Ryan’s first birthday post

Ryan’s second birthday post

On the day Steve was born

Ryan’s third birthday post

Steve’s third birthday post


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