Just stay the way you are

Dear Internet,

I am deeply disturbed by the amount of “Love your body” posts I see online.

No offense to body lovers around the globe, but when did some good ol fashioned whining about your body become such a hoo-haa?

Why do we all HAVE to embrace our post partum stretch marks, and generous hips and muffin tops? Why can’t we whine just a teeny weeny bit?

I like whining. I like whining alone. I like whining to my friends in person and also group whining session on Whatsapp too. Hey girls, new pic of Heidi Klum after her 18th baby. Let’s all wither a bit inside from her toned perfection.

I like whining to my husband too. Sure he doesn’t share my enthusiasm but hell there is a therapeutic effect to it.

I don’t mean women should go ballistic and only eat tissue paper and drink 4 sips of water before 5 pm. And cry in the bathroom all the time.

Just indulge in some healthy wholesome insecure time with yourself. I am having a fat day. Or that white pant makes my butt look like a snowmans. Or I hate and love the skinny sales girl at the shop. Feeling that is not a crime.

Come on ladies, great friendships have been forged because one person broke down and confessed her chunky ankles just put her off skirts for all eternity. You like people a little better when they are well normal and (gasp) insecure. No one likes the confident bitch.

Since when is that a crime? I have bonded with girls over common misery over problem areas. Jelly bellies? Come on, we’re going to be best buds.

Why aren’t women allowed that anymore? I see this whole idea being thrust forth about the confident woman who will never whine or complain or compare herself with others. She is fanatically proud of her flab or her unruly hair or ‘uniqueness’ or whatever bullshit it has been coined.

You can vow off desserts for a week and you can binge-eat the next. Cos that’s frigging life. And last time I checked we all had bigger issues than this.

Remember bills and snarky bosses and fear of Pinterest website closing down (Come on don’t tell me you haven’t thought of that happening and lain awake)


So I say, it’s ok to be a tad insecure. How else are we going to send fat selfies to friends, have the “Am I fat?” discussion with a partner, or rejoice over a lesser number on the weighing scale?

It’s not the end of the world women. You want to feel confident and empowered? Go and shine forth and plant trees and save abandoned children.

It’s bad enough we feel fat. Let’s stop feeling guilty about feeling fat.

A Whiner


2 thoughts on “Just stay the way you are

  1. Good one there, Maria! And spot on about the “I am having a fat day”! In my case, ‘comfort-eating’ is also a a very common occurrence! 😉

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