Wait, what did you just say?

Ryan discovered time and it’s elements sometime last year. And it’s been a pain in the %#&@$$ since then.

We went through the “Amma, what is the time?” phase. The same question over and over again.
Some days , I answered “Not time for bed yet.” and stifled a sob.

Then we had the “Amma, what day is it?” phase, where I had to check the phone to actually tell him what day it was. Also known as ‘don’t-get-out-of-the-house-often’ or ‘don’t-have-a-life’ syndrome.

Now he is in the phase of energetic calendar marking and learning the names of the months in a year.
This week, he learnt the month short forms too.


Ryan : “Jan, Feb, Mar, Apra, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, DICK!!!


Me : “Ryan what did you say? Repeat that. “

Ryan : “Jan, Feb, Mar-“

Me: “No no just the last one. What was it?”

Ryan : “Dick! D-E-C …DICK!”

Me: “No it’s Des, Ryan”

Ryan : “Noooo Amma, it’s Dick.”

Me : “No its Desssss”

Ryan thinks for a while before saying “But December doesn’t end with S. It ends with C! It’s DICK!”

You gotta choose your battles with em kids and I waved my little white flag and left the room.

We’ll tackle this another day. And if I have to show off his knowledge of months to any guests, I’ll make sure he uses full forms for now.


3 thoughts on “Wait, what did you just say?

  1. Oops. Quite a difficult situation there. 😛
    I have never been one for abbreviations. They remind me of “SMS” and “WhatsApp” language – an excuse so many make for poor grammar and punctuation today. My English teacher in school always made a face if we used short forms in the work we submitted to her. 😀

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