Eat, Play, Love


It has happened sooner than I expected. A lot sooner.

Little Ryan is smitten by a girl in his class. She’s gorgeous as hell. With those adorable pigtails and a Pokemon bag, I totally understand why she’s on his radar.

There’s only one problem. This love story is completely one-sided at present.

The object of his affection is currently going through a “Ewwww boys!!!” phase. She’s into pink and Hello Kitty and Dora at the moment. She’s not looking for anything more than a hello across the desk, or a brief squabble for a commonly loved crayon.

But my son wants to go ‘all the way’ and ‘make this work’. He’s intent on wooing her. He wants to sit beside her in class. While I dress him up for school, he tells me he must sit with her, he just must.

He’s young and he’ll forget but I feel the pinch in my heart. Just a teeny tiny pinch, but it’s there. The realization that I can’t always give him what he needs on a golden platter surrounded by Mickey Mouse cut outs.

When he colours in his colouring book at home, he asks me, “Is Archa colouring too at her home?” True story. When he listens to songs, he asks me, “Will Archa like this song?” Oh boy! Cupid has struck hard.

When he sees her at school, he runs up to her, and says “ARCHA!I LOVE YOU!!!”.

She gives him the once over and says NO!
That is the preschoolers equivalent of “In your dreams!”

At age almost-four, such social cues are lost on him and he proclaims his love to her the next day and the next, as loudly as possible.

He’s at the threshold of Life. And there are lotsa fish and fish eggs in the sea.
He’ll find love again. Preferably reciprocated next time round.

And me, I am learning to set aside that gold platter and cheer him on this shaky journey called Life.


7 thoughts on “Eat, Play, Love

  1. This post of yours reminded me the movie “एक छोटी सी लव स्टोरी” 🙂 (Though except name not much similarities between two… )

    The cupid has indeed stuck very early but that’s how the next generation is… They grow very fast compared to our generation… Be a supportive parents n tell the boy “Persistence pays” 🙂

    I think you should start reading “Being Mother in Law….” related posts now… 🙂

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