Who wants to read another sopping Mother’s Day post?

Motherhood is a patchwork of moments.

There are the ‘uh-oh’ moments when you accidentally leave an opened milk carton on the table and forget about it for oh lets say, a fraction of a millisecond, and long enough for a pair of inquisitive hands to get hold of it.

There are the FML moments when you put one kid to sleep and you hear the whine of the other one waking up in the adjoining room. (Yes I did mean ‘F$$$ My Life’, because believe it or not mothers are a very frustrated set of human beings)

There are the ‘Why oh why?’ (aka WOW) moments when you go to a party and one of the kids starts acting up right away with a tell tale tremble of his lips. And you know this party is going to be a great deal of fun.

At the home front, I have been dealing with all bad moments with Stevie by singing to him the ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ song. We’re talking about repeat telecasts every time there’s a meltdown or a ‘just this last spoonful’ battle.

Last week, he started verbally asking for the song. “Sta Sta” followed by the twinkling action with his tiny fingers. There was this feeling of déjà vu when he did that. My breath caught. And I was taken back to 2 years ago. Singing the same song to Ryan. Another time, another couch, but the same feeling of wonder as your child starts to mimic your actions. In fact, later I realised I had even blogged about my experience with Ryan here.

“Sta Sta”, Stevie says

“No Stevie its STARRRRR! “,Ryan says. “Amma, Stevie doesn’t know how to say Star.”

I listen to this exchange. I smile a silly half smile.

Because in between the bleak moments of uh-ohs, FML, and WOW we also have these precious Twinkle Twinkle Little Star moments. Which keep us going. And loving. And loving some more.

Happy Mother’s Day, you frustrated lot.


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