What was the name again?

We met up with an old friend of mine few weeks ago. I hadn’t seen him for years now. But he knew a lot about my family. Mainly from the B.L.O.G. He called Ryan by name, and told him his mom wrote about him often. Ryan answered back with a puzzled expression. Yeah, expressive toddler that one.

But anyway, I was secretly thrilled to know my kiddo was a name (to be reckoned with) in the mommy blogosphere circles. Again, probably a tad over-confidence from my end. But let’s ignore that and go on.

So the friend, moved on his attention to lil Steve and asked me. “I’m sorry. What’s his name again?”

I mumbled Steve. And it struck me, I haven’t written much about him, have I? How odd is that? Except for this one post. I went back to a few earlier posts about Ryan like this one . And realised he’s been the subject of my writerly thoughts since forever. Mommy guilt alert. Yikes!

So here’s a quick shout out to my lil Steve (Have to make this quick, cos Steve will be up from his nap any time soon.)

Stevie, fruit of my womb, loyal admirer of Ryan, cuddler extradonaire, you’re my second shot of getting together the Parenting Act. Thank you for being mine!

Long post to follow. Soon.


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