The Sticker on our Coffee Table

Ryan stuck a sticker on our coffee table. It’s a picture of a strawberry. A small, inconsequential picture of a red strawberry and it is stuck firmly onto my wooden coffee table. The sticker has no intention of budging on its own and I have no intention of removing it from there.

I generally hate stuff on my coffee table, except maybe the newspaper or preferably my feet. So it’s a wonder why I haven’t prised out this little intruder.

Today evening, after the kids went to bed, I went through the clean-up ritual of the day. Picking up toys from the ground, going down on all fours and peering under the sofa to see if any crayons have disappeared there again and so on. I told myself today I need to take out that sticker. It doesn’t belong there.

But its still there. I am typing this post with my feet on the coffee table and the strawberry right beside my left pinkie toe. And I realise the strawberry won’t be going anywhere. Not anytime soon.

Ryan had stuck it there 2 days ago. He opened his sticker book and randomly chose three stickers to peel. A red strawberry, a brown tractor which now adorns the wall, and a yellow car which has disappeared since.

The three of us had sat on the floor in the living room. I had spread out Ryan’s sticker book on the coffee table. I placed Steve on the table and he gurgled, trying to grab for the book with his chubby fists. Ryan made me peel the stickers off the page, “tha -one”, “tha -one”and “tha-one”, he said.

I made him kiss me for each sticker I peeled and I got a hug too for the strawberry. Steve stuck his fist in his mouth and sucked contently. I smiled. A silly, giddy-with-in-the-moment-happiness smile.

So its decided the sticker stays on for now. A strawberry adorning my table, in the colour of deep red. Which apparently is also the colour of a heart symbol in Ryan’s book.

To many more afternoons of adventures around the coffee table.



7 thoughts on “The Sticker on our Coffee Table

  1. Aww! Your posts make me want a toddler of my own! :’)

    P.S: Yes I know how annoying they can be sometimes but its cute stuff like these that make me want to be a dad…

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