The Parenthood Richter scale


So baby Steve is almost 4 months old. As in 120 days and nights as a baby. I am kinda bowled over. I am still semi-stuck in the bathroom a year ago, holding that pregnancy test kit and silently hi-fiving myself. Yup, awesome-cool – 2 pink lines. Must not run or drink alcohol or gulp down vulgar amounts of coffee anymore. Yaaay! Free license to eat for two. Hi-five again!

And now he’s here – double chin, baby breath and all. And he’s practicing the flipping on his tummy part like nobody’s business. One minute he’s lying down on his back, staring at the ceiling, and I am checking a certain social networking site and “liking’ someone’s ‘insightful’ status message, and the next moment he’s on his tummy dangerously close to the edge of the bed. I couldn’t even finish typing in a witty comment on that status! I am going to give this a 3.5 on the Parenthood Richter scale. Not too much of an issue, if someone’s on the guard.

Ryan is bored of the cartoons which is a 9.5 on the scale. That was the ONLY way we could shovel food into his mouth. Well of course, we only allow him to watch the educational stuff. Not Barney or anything. Only Baby Einstein and the likes. And no I NEVER bribe him with chocolate if he agrees to swallow that last spoon and a half of rice. Of course, we feed him organic stuff…duh! Grown in my backyard and fed out of BPA free plastic… if I would otherwise.

What kind of mother do you think I am?

Now let me go on and put up that witty comment on that productive social networking site I like to spend some ‘quality’ time on.


2 thoughts on “The Parenthood Richter scale

  1. Nice one! A baby reaching the end of the bed usually triggers the inner ninja in everyone!

    You denied him BARNEY THE DINOSAUR! THOU ART EVIL, WOMAN! No wonder he’s bored.. he needs to be watching all the funny stuff and the colors, and the rest of the stuff that comes with usual baby shows at his age.

    In fact it is quite entertaining if you also join in and sorta start clapping and repeating the stuff they say on Barney to him (from personal experience with other people’s kids 😉 ).. the more energy he uses up being awesome and laughing, the more food he’ll eat lol!

    Oh and when he’s older, please don’t tell him he cant watch any of the super hero cartoons! (O.O). That’s the stuff little boys dream about at night!

    • Done! I promise a solemn oath that his little-boyhood will not be stolen away and ample hours of super-hero cartoons will be allowed.
      BTW, I was being sarcastic about not showing him Barney aka eductaional toy/video has never entered my home/hearth 😀

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