I am Maria, and I am a Pin-aholic

There. I said it. I am a Pin-aholic. I recently moved over to the Other Side, to the Pin-addict’s Side. The person that I was before I gave up my soul to Pinterest:

– Liked to eat brownies/cakes/lasagna but preferred it came on a plate served by a waitress and followed by a bill. NOT outta my own oven.
– Cared two hoots (no make that one hoot) about birthday party themes for boys/girls/pets. I usually liked to panic a week before birthdays and plan something.
– Never thought about how to clean my non-existent silver candlesticks until they shone.
– Never thought to attempt adventurous hairdo or eye makeup. Because tiny, wandering fingers are even more lethal than too much conditioner to your hair.

The person I am since Pinterest took over my entire existence:

– I want to BAKE. And not just your random Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake Mix. Shelf-bought??? What blasphemy I say!
I WANT to slave over the kitchen top making cream cheese frosting for a red velvet cake for dessert. And then I want to wake up at 5 to make Cinnamon Roll French Toast because it’s going to make my house smell great.
– I hoard up on birthday theme ideas for parties I’ll never be hosting. I salivate over pictures of wedding dresses and cosy living rooms that I’ll never be owning.
– I have this urge to suddenly wipe out possible lurking gunk from my chrome shower head. I practically whoop with joy when I hoard one more tip on how baby oil can be used to polish off faucets.
– I pin random how-to tutorials on smokey eyed look, French braids, how to rock green glittery eyeshadow…I am not kidding. I did say green glitter. And of course nail art designs that would make even my ‘on n off’ manicurist worry.

So basically Pinterest is a collection of all these things: My secret stash of Snickers + that hot nude shade of lipstick that only I can really carry off + that compliment that a houseguest gave me about my sparkling kitchen floors + those rare days when my hair decides to cooperate with my messy hair bun effort and stays ‘messily cool’ the whole day.

Happy Pinning!


FYI, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the Pinterest button in the blog. (And learn how to create your own candles from used wax and much more.)


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