Little People, Big Achievements

Baby Steve, all of 2 weeks has some mean tricks up his (onesie’s) sleeve. He can wail and get cuddled instantly. He can demand milk at ungodly hours and get a fresh supply each and every time. He can pee and poop noisily and still keep a straight face. I know, ultra-sophisticated skills for a newborn you say? I thought so too.

Big bro Ryan on the other hand, has learnt to spoon feed everyone around him except him self. True, most of the food lands outside the targeted mouth but he’s trying. He can also string pasta through the fork. It slides right through!
Amazed at his motor skills? Wait till I tell you about how he can put his fingers into the Nutella jar and help himself.

Now I’ll just calm my puffing, ‘blowing things outta proportion’ Mommy heart and catch some shut-eye before the next wail/diaper change/feed intervenes.



7 thoughts on “Little People, Big Achievements

  1. Adorable! I love that our little guy can eat and mess his pants at the same time. Oh and then there’s the times I change his diaper and when I’m about to redress him I notice the cloth under him is wet and I wonder how he manged that Houdini act when everything else, even the diaper, is dry!

  2. hahahha…the pic is super-cute….and so is the post….
    Luv ur mommyhood chronicles! And I am sure you r not exaggerating one bit….. ;-))

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