You DON’T have to be happy every single moment

Someone asked me the other day if I’m excited about the new baby. I said yeah sure. And then I (being myself) felt the self-destructive need to joke and added — excited about the baby, but NOT about the sleepless nights and explosive diapers…Haha!

The Someone in question who till now had bestowed on me the benefit of a warm smile that pregnant women are at the receiving end of…her smile faltered a little. In an attempt to repair what I said, I carried on recklessly.

“I mean babies are so cute and all. I just love them until they start crying..Aaaarrghhh…Just drives you nuts then.”

Long story cut short, THAT Someone will not be having any motherly chats with me anymore.

This little exchange between the Judgemental Someone and the Expressive Me has gotten me thinking.

Are we supposed to be happy every single minute of parenthood?

And the answer is….


So all you young parents out there, hear me out. It’s okay to be frustrated when you have just changed the sheets and the baby spits up milk. It’s okay to admit your hands are aching from carrying a sick toddler. And pssst…it’s even okay to want to whoop your six-year old as he throws up a tantrum mid-aisle at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Because at the end of the day, any day, good, bad or very bad – when your child sleeps, you WILL fall in love with them all over again. You will enter a state of such mental bliss that no kick ass yoga pose on earth can help you achieve. And then charged with this divine energy, you will fall asleep so quick with your mouth open and your hair still unwashed.

Because divine energy or not, children can be very energy-consuming little human beings. Yawn.

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8 thoughts on “You DON’T have to be happy every single moment

  1. My experience from first (and the only so far :)) child make me believe that it’s bit problematic till child becomes expressive i.e. he/she starts speaking. The first few years are always difficult but once he/she is on his/her foot and starts speaking it’s really enjoyable. Now I enjoy spending time with her, enjoying going out to play ground or other places with her, enjoy listening what she tells me, enjoys her tantrums, etc.

    As far as my daughter is concerned I had very very peaceful time during her upbringing (and my wife will also agree to this) We hardly had sleepless nights (even during first two years), we hardly had child’s illness n medical related problems( except vaccinations we have hardly visited clinics in last 5+ years) and now study point of view also no stress so far :). Touch wood.

    But I can understand that at times upbringing can be stressful no matter how much you love your children.

  2. • It is said that – God could not be visible everywhere in the world, that’s why God created MOTHER. Love mother the most Beautiful person on this Earth.Best Critic, yet strongest supporter..
    Parent-hood Divine and Endurable.

  3. Haha – so funny! I think that as long as there are those moments you wouldn’t trade for anything, you’re allowed to have some where the day is not as fun. Life is a balancing act after all.

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