Tough Decisions

It’s a tough decision to make, and I know I’ll have to live with the  decision for the rest of my life.

If it was left entirely up to “A“, he would make an Excel spreadsheet now – Pros and Cons neatly arranged in two columns, additional flowcharts and formulas, algorithms and macros to evaluate  the better, more effective way to go about this.

But me, I am not so sophisticated. Never have been. So I stick to fool-proof old ways to sort out life’s questions. The thoughtfully chewed-over scab on my thumb stands witness to my hours of pondering.

The Baby is due in a month and a Name hasn’t been chosen yet. Many more hours of scab chewing ahead.

 — Wannabauthor on the Weekend Vigil

“Drop in a few name ideas, will ya?”


5 thoughts on “Tough Decisions

  1. isn’t it such a great feeling living in anticipation of the new life to be born in your family? I understand how a great feeling it is. Well coming to the point, if it is a girl – Aakruthi / Ananya
    and in case of a boy – Aarya / Anirudh. i just got all name with A 🙂

  2. In Chinese calendar, the year of the dragon is considered to be most auspicious, 2012 is one of them, congrats 😀

    Girl: Saans (सांस means breath); reet (रीत means culture); Blossom; Primrose; Felicity (this one my second fav)

    Boy: Kal-el; Flash;

    can’t think of more names, need some sleep…will suggest some tomo.

    Thanks for the post Author!

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