An Email to the Future

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‘Tis the time of the year that we’re supposed to sit down and do a bit of introspection on the past year doings. The more adventurous among us might make some elaborate New Year Resolutions. I dropped making any firm resolutions about the same time I weaned away from the Nancy Drew series.

This year, however, I decided to do things a tad differently. I decided to send an email to the future using this really cute website :

I have written an email to my (hopefully wiser) self which will be popping up in my inbox on June 14th 2012, 6 months from now. Being the romantic that I am, it reminded me of those letters which wash up in cork-screwed bottles on some foreign beach dated 20 years ago. This is just a more net-savvy version of the ‘letter-in-a-bottle’.

What did I write in my email to the future? Oh, you nosy readers! Shame!

I’ll give you some bits and pieces though. I included some fine description of today, about how I am feeling and what the weekend plans will be. I also made a little prediction list for 2012.

Will the blog hit 10,000 readers worldwide?” and other such ‘realistic’ predictions πŸ˜‰

The entire email will make any spell-checker software gag and splutter and choke over its own errors. But what the hell? It’s an email to me. Not to Santa.

Let me know how many of you do use this website. You can send any combinations of emails:

– Emails to self

– Emails to self, dated any day, even next week. So if you’re having a bad week, write to the future saying how bad it’s been and knowing you’ll pull through this one just fine.

– Emails to anyone else in the future. So if you want to tell someone what a mighty pain they have been, but you decide Christmas is not a good time to spill the beans. Then wait till New Year’s after they’ve taken down the Christmas tree and then spill the beans…haha!

– Go online and read some very interesting public emails here which people have put up. Recommended for those who have too much time to kill.

Author’s Note: Darling readers (you are absolute darlings really), my Facebook Fan page is tottering on a tempting count of 98 fans. And it would mean so much to me if I could clink glasses of non-alcoholic beverages on New Year’s knowing I have crossed the 100 fans benchmark. So you know what to do, like the page, urge others to like it and generally help out! πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “An Email to the Future

  1. I thought it seemed really apt when i saw ‘Two is a big number…relatively speaking’ right under your plea for more fans on your facebook page πŸ˜›

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