‘Tis the Festive Season

Christmas is a month away and Santa’s already been dropping off gifts at my fireplace. Or rather in my Gmail inbox.

Today, I found an email from the Editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, informing me that an article of mine has been selected for their new book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: On Brothers and Sisters“.

Here’s the blog link to the soon-to-be-published piece. Almost written a year ago on the blog.

And while I am boasting, I might as well add this. Here’s a sneak preview of my first published story on “Chicken Soup for the Soul: On Friendship“.

Word has reached me that my 2 free copies and cheque of 1000 ruppees (small but significant) has finally (oh finally) reached home in Kerala. Yeah, they had issues sending the book to an international address so I haven’t exactly seen it yet. But a co-author was kind enough to click a picture of my story and email me.

And do buy copies for yourself. It’s out in the bookstores (I think) and here on Flipkart. Buy a few and gift it to friends on Christmas or let them collect dust on your bookshelves…whatever but do buy! 😀


5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Festive Season

  1. Hey.. that’s indeed the best Christmas gift you ever get.. Congrats… I will buy it and make sure that i will show it to the people around..

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