Milestone celebration

Yup, we’ve hit a milestone. The blog and me that is. We just completed our 100th post last week.

*Author pauses for faint applause*

A few good posts, some fair and legal amount of rubbish ramblings/thoughts/rants and some more private posts which certainly are very rubbish and cannot be published as memoirs even posthumously.

‘Nuf said. Back to doing whatever you were doing before this little post popped into your inbox/feed.


9 thoughts on “Milestone celebration

  1. Never realized the number was this high :)… Congrats chechi… keeping blogging. There’s lot of people waiting to read

  2. @Aishu : Raise a toast to many more miletsones *clink*

    @soumya : yes phalo and keep phalo-ifying I hope! πŸ˜€

    @Anita (I am assuimg) : Thanks…I was surprised too when I saw the stats. Ha!

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