Keeping us in the Dark

Image by echiner1 via Flickr

I am back to writing for the NRI. Not weekly anymore, but once in a while. So here we go, after the longest while, my latest article on the NRI.

I am too lazy to write a teaser on this one. It talks about Darkness and Light and no Biblical terms if you’re wondering where this is going. So read on:

You don’t really understand the importance of electricity till you just get back from the supermarket and pop a box of Amul Vanilla Ice-cream into your freezer. Then you proceed to curse the hot, humid weather outside and simultaneously switch on the fan to do some ‘airy’ justice to your clammy neck, when POOF! There is a dull thud of gadgets switching off – semi-ground dosa batters, clothes stuck mid-spin inside washing machines and the depressing sound of the fan blades above you slowing off to a final halt. Continue Reading

Update: Please scroll down to the comments section on the NRI magazine. You will find some very interesting, conflicting views on this harmless article.


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