Please read / glance through if you have wished me on my birthday on Facebook

Happy Birthday to me!

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If any of my Facebook friends do come by this way, I want to say a huge thanks to all of you for yesterday’s birthday wishes.

No seriously! I was kinda overwhelmed with the 150-odd wall posts and Facebook messages in my inbox yesterday.  Ok, not bragging because I am sure usually thousands of wall posts are the norm for birthdays. But for me, this was a first. I am no social butterfly on FB. I have the occasional ‘accidentally witty’ status update and my photographs are no Pulitzer Prize winners either. Not much of a crowd-puller really.

When Facebook shows you the birthday notifications of the day, I am flattered that instead of just ignoring someone with whom you have 57 mutual friends and no actual connection with, a lot of you folks actually took the trouble of putting at least a standard “Happy Birthday, have a blast!” message on my wall.

Oh, and special mention goes out those who did the following:

  1. Appended my name at the end of Happy Birthday. It personalised things a lot more 🙂
  2. A few asked whether my special day entailed for a new blog post. I hope the sentiment accompanying the question was one of earnestness and not dread… (nervous laughter). But hey, you gave me an idea for a quick thank-you post!
  3. Those who wished me luck on the pregnancy or some good-natured jab at my caveman-like behaviour when it came to the birthday cake….anything that meant I typed out these few lines just for you. That is super-special folks.

Dark side of things were those who I expected would Call/SMS/ Anything (geez we live in a wireless, connectivity-at-your-fingertips world). But nothing. Zilch. Nada.

Seems childish at the ripe age of 28 to keep a birthday grudge, so I have let it go. Cos I got babies to deliver and blogs to update. No time for silly ‘tu-tu mein-mein’.

The initial plan was to do a mass copy-paste of “Thank you “on all your walls, but then I thought, you guys deserve something more, so here it is.

Birthday proceedings were as follows: Woke up late, lunched out with the family and managed to keep my facial features in an excellent depiction of surprise as the cake and presents appeared.  General feeling of love and harmony won over the nagging fear of aging 😉


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