LOL……sooooo funnnnnny!!!

I hate LOL. I mean I do love ‘laughing out loud’ or ‘lots of laughter’ or whatever other meaning you attach to it.

I just hate the LOL word. When I was introduced to the word for the first time during an intense chat session with a friend, I thought it was mighty cool. It was the year 2007, and if I remember right, pointed-toe heels and narrow belts were in vogue too. But just like the runways of Singapore, things had to change and colours and designs have to be moved aside for new ones to take their place.

Unfortunately, the LOL word stuck on the Internet and boy oh boy did it stick hard. It makes any Fevicol advert pale into shameful, unsticky unworthiness.

The abuse and over-use of the word makes me crazy. Ok, so you found that video/message/post funny. Well perhaps, an occasional LOL is fine. But sometimes do resort to a simple Haha, a Hehe and for the fairer sex, the demure Teehee perhaps?

If it’s evil-funny, maybe the resourceful Buahahaha or Muahahaha. Or even a “Mugamabo khush hua!” (Nothing beats Amresh Puri)

There have been a few sightings of Hik hik hik comments too on my Facebook wall page. I am not very sure of this usage. I am assuming this means you laughed so hard, a very unfortunate bout of hiccups has started off?

Netspeak inspired graffiti (smilie :), @, lol,...

Image via Wikipedia

But please people, no more LOL this, LOL that and worse, the LOL(s) and LOL(z) (catering to both American and British spellings)

What is LOL(s) anyway? You mean you are laughing out loud(s) or there has been lots of laughter(s)? Either way it’s wrong, laughter is already plural! Go open your Wren and Martin Pg 253 NOW!

Then there is LOL’s evil twin ROFL. People use your ROFLs wisely and sparsely. Unless you are a sturdy new set of Goodyear rubber tyres, there is no reason why you would be rolling on the ground comfortably for everything.

I have a long list of words to crib about, but to keep it simple and ‘LOLsome’ let’s stick to favourites here:

1. Hmmm… :  Rescue word for the snobbish/uber-busy but yet logged in/ stalling for time chat friend.

2. Smiley obsessed:  “I was like 😛 n he goes like 😀 n I am like ????”

3. Mr/Miss. Monosyllable:

Me: “Blah blah, then the baby fell off the bed, blah, sob….then I got pneumonia and almost died, then I won the Booker prize …brag, brag…. But now I have disowned worldly riches and I am off to the Himalayas….this is our last chat. Ciao! Nice knowing you!

Response: “Oic….ok” (or also the thoughtful and versatile hmmm…is a good candidate here)

Stopping now. Weekend almost here. Have a good one. If I get a decent response on the post I might write a sequel.

BRB … next week that is.


9 thoughts on “LOL……sooooo funnnnnny!!!

  1. “Wren and Martin Pg 253 NOW”, I am seriously going to check pg253 now…as in NOW now
    LOL, nice post, hmmm… ROFL 🙂
    hmmmm.. so …

    There is an amazing/hilarious.ROFLMAO video on how an Indori interprets all the internet/chat lingo in case you are interested..

    People can even predict one’s age based on kind of lingo you are using in your chat/sms.

    but your observation hits bulls eye…

    nothing more to comment so I will end with a hmmmm…

  2. I thought Hmmm was for me.. and Lol too cos I use a lotta those! “Hmm” according to my usage means ‘I understand, but just not sure what to say that will help”.. lol! OMG see that ‘lol’ automatically comin in!! I will do a change settings for your chat window where all “lol” gets converted to teehee and all “Hmm” gets converted too “I’m thinking”..Your post has made me conscious now.. 😛

  3. And btw, some not-so-much of chatters use lol as ‘lots/loads of love’.. hahaha.. I can only imagine the amount of confusion that can happen if 2 ppl mean 2 different things outa the same word!

  4. @Sharad: Gulp..I hope Wren&Martin has atleast 253 pages 😛 The link didn’t work when I clicked. But sounds interesting…I am off to Google this.

    @Divs: Even though you are a ‘Hmmm’-aholic at times, since I chat with you more than anyon else, you’re forgiven 😉

    @Jaimy: Pffffttt…conscious about chat lingo indeed..what next Facebook commenting etiquette?! 😉

    LOL as ‘Lots of love’..hmmm…I am trying to rephrase some of my recent chat converstaions and trying to intrepret them in a very very different light..tsk..tsk..

    @HappyBirthday: Allow to break my own rule and LOL here. Yes indeed! Mr.India beats Amresh Puri 😀

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