If You’re happy and You know it.

How do you usually behave when you’re over-the-moon happy about something? Smiling? Yes that’s a start. Being nicer to people around?  Absolutely. Treating friends for drinks or food? Hmmm…not advisable but not uncommon either.

Apparently, we have been doing it wrong or so Ryan teaches me last week.

It’s an interactive activity, this thing that he insists I learn. I sing and he enacts. An action song. I predict this happening quite often in the following years.

Me: “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”

A pair of dimpled fists engage in some enthusiastic clapping.

Me: “If you’re happy and you know it, stamp your feet!”

Thump, thump – one tiny foot stamping on the floor with all its toddler strength.

Me: “If you’re happy and you know it, say “Hurray!””

An impatient hand shoots up even before I complete the line and a baby voice speaks out, “Hoo-haa”.

(Adult English language translation: Hooray)

I am smiling, happy in the knowledge that he’s growing up, that he’s learning new things and that he’s All Mine (Future daughter-in-law including, hands off!)

If the lyrics of the song are true, then right now I want to clap, stamp and Hurray myself hoarse.

Author’s Note: I wonder if my readers are bored reading an overdose of recent Mommyhood articles on the blog. Bear with me. I had written up a few posts that DO NOT deal with my maternal status, and then (against better judgment) entered them in some short story competitions. Those that offer cash prizes. Yes, I am dedicated to writing and the money too.

Any-hoo looks like once the winners have been announced and I am predictably disappointed on not winning, the posts shall appear on the blog. Sorry, contest submission rules and all.


8 thoughts on “If You’re happy and You know it.

  1. That’s a very inspiring post. The next time I am happy and I know it, I know what to do.
    Best of luck with the contests. Why can’t I sniff out some cash prizes up for grabs? I could do with some extra money as well. 😦 😀
    And no, the Mommyhood articles are great. Keep them coming.

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