The House Rules

Dear Baby No.2,

This is not an “I-love-you” letter, because I am sure even foetuses hate too much emotion (Gimme a break, Mom!)

This is a “Let’s-get-acquainted-with-your-family-and-home” letter. First, let me explain the House Rules. You’re lucky you chose this home, cos there’s only one rule here. Which is we all love each other. Simple.

We had a few more rules pertaining to bed-time, meal-times and a few other disciplinary areas BEFORE your brother was born.

We tried the rule book with your brother and he apparently didn’t like the system (he still doesn’t). He revolted in his own, forceful, little way, and we gave in because that’s what happens to first-time parents when your baby cries stubbornly.

I have tried and failed terribly at every “cry-it-out” method that the parenting sites and books advice. I am pathetic that way. I’d rather cuddle you the moment you scrunch up your tiny face to cry, than let your whimpering do strange things to my heart.

Let me warn you that your brother has no idea you’re on the way. I know, I know according to the websites, we’re supposed to ‘gently’ break the news to him and get him involved in the all the excitement. So he’ll love you from the moment you’re born. But sorry to break the bubble, that’s not going to happen.

He’s 21 months old and is just too active to sit down and have a ‘heart-to-heart’ with his Mommy. So I have let him be.  In the long run, between pulling at each other’s hair, (oh yes, mommy was a kid too once) and fighting for the last piece of chocolate, you’ll learn to love and tolerate each other (I hope).

And then there’s your Daddy. You’ll like him. He’s good at doing the ‘night shift’. So you’ll have lots of time to get to know him better between 12 a.m and 5 a.m once you’re born.

There are a lot more people here waiting to meet you. Your grandparents, your maid, etc. But for now, it’s just you and me.

And there’s no need to worry if things seem a bit hazy and confusing once you’re out of the amniotic haven that you inhabit now.

You’re allowed to do as you please for the first 3 years of your life, and you’ll get away with it because of the Cuteness Factor.

P.S: Don’t tell Daddy I told you that last bit.




16 thoughts on “The House Rules

    • You’re quick as a fox! I just posted it and the oddest part was that as I was writing it, I thought of a few people who would like it and you was my first guess! 😀 Mommy intuition mebbe …

  1. How nice to feel the unseen face on Facebook!
    Expressive communication. You will get direct feed backs soon and I’m waiting for that. :))

  2. Then there’s the perfect outswinger. The one that pitches in the channel just outside off and goes away just that little bit to kiss the edge and carry nicely to the keeper. Less swing and you’ll have a thick edge going away and more swing will have it beating the edge. That slight swing is just perfect. It’s called a ‘peach’. You just bowled one.

  3. Wonderfully written dear.. Loved it so much.. I think i’ll read this to my own little one when its time (it might take some years)…

  4. Shasha, I am assuming this is thy name! Thnk you for your valuable comment..had me floating above the floor before gravity and the pregnancy weight gently guided me down to the ground 🙂

    Anyways….thnks for the feels awesome that you want to read more. I am definitely going to look into that option. But for now, could you pleeeech do any of the following:

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    Thanks again..keep Tattling and Prattling… I like the name!

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