Who’s teaching whom?

Ryan walks up to me and hands me his picture book. I know the routine. I ask him where the pictures are and he points them out.

I applaud after each successful match. I applaud for some wrong matches too (like when I ask for ‘Daddy’, and he points to the picture of a horse).

“Where’s the crying baby?”

Ryan points to the picture of a bald baby who is clearly pissed off about something.

“Umm…where’s the yawning baby?”

Ryan points at the picture of a child yawning.

We go through more pictures. I know them all by now, and probably so does he. But repetition is the key. Supposedly, parents should teach their children in two ways – repetition and routine. I am inexcusably terrible at both.

“Where is Amma?” I ask.

He points at me.

“Where is Ryan?” This is a new one. Off the “syllabus’ question. He thinks for a minute.

Correct answer: Ryan should apply some toddler logic and point to himself.

Ryan’s answer: He walks towards me with his arm outstretched. And places a tiny palm on my chest. I like to believe he meant to touch my heart. As if he hadn’t done so a 1000 thousand times before.

“Inside here?” I ask, pointing at my heart.

He nods, smiling now.

“Yes baby, you are absolutely right!”

Lesson of the Day (for Amma): “The correct answer is not necessarily the best answer”


7 thoughts on “Who’s teaching whom?

  1. that is such a wonderful post Maria. I am mom to be and felt really good to read this.. trying to imagine how my days with my baby is going to be..

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