Its just a metal, people.

Michael Jackson had it in overdose on his clothes,
Mother Teresa was said to have a heart made of it,
King Midas messed up big time with its touch,
Bappi Lahiri doesn’t realise it out of fashion.

Yes people, gold is the subject of today’s post. Or rather the overdose of gold or any jewellery for that matter.

Heed here, dear readers, my ‘golden’ words for the NRI

Ladies Gold Bangles - At the Jewellery Show in...

Image by najeebkhan2009 via Flickr


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Author’s Note :

I’ll be blogging less frequently for awhile. A sabbatical of sorts. You know, a hike to the nearby Nepalese monastery and some decent heart-to-heart with some poor monk (NOT!)

Actually more of curling up on the couch with a book and munching on Oreos like there’s no tomorrow. I will still be producing the usual NRI weekly articles, so look out for those. And I have about 6 or 7 mouldy (virtual mold only) drafts lurking in my drafts folder on the comp, so hoping to clear those off. It’s awful to see incomplete works of genius lying about, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “Its just a metal, people.

  1. Wow…….I went through the exact same thing…the ‘why don’t you wear atleast a thin chain around your bare neck’ episode!! And mum & I came to the same compromise!! that I had to put up with this only for functions/church/family gatherings.

    But now, being a working 20-something facing a quarter-life crisis, my parents have let me be 🙂 but not for long since marriage is on the cards!!
    Keep up the good work…..I’m so inspired right now to write something 😀

    • Hey Ranjini, you know what they say about long legs and long comments?
      Well they don’t say anything, but I’ll say something. They are bloody good! So thanks for the comment 😀
      Glad to know you clicked with the post. Ah! wait for the wedding bells to ring. Then its Gold Rush all the way! 😉
      And I hope you write something smashing!

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