Keep a Lid on It!

The closed Jar. The Curiosity. The trembling fingers. The opened lid. The swarms of Them. The ominous humming. The Despair and Disease. The Malice and Hatred.

The gasp. The fumbling hands. The closed lid. Too late. Too late. Too late.

Trapped in the jar, Hope remains. Never to escape. Oh! Pandora what have you done?





Author’s Note: For those of you who know the Greek myth or at least the term Pandora’s Box, I hope this story made sense to you.

Interestingly enough, the original myth refers to a jar, but somewhere along the line the story was modified to its modern-day version with the illusion of a treasure-chest kind of box filled with all the baddies of the world better known as Pandora’s Box.

For those of you, who have never read Greek mythology, I suggest you do. Because Greek mythology has the most kickass stories evah! And how else can one include Achilles heel and the Oedipus complex in one’s ‘cultured’ conversations?



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9 thoughts on “Keep a Lid on It!

  1. Ha ha ‘cultured’ conversations. 😛
    I love Greek mythology. No that is genuine. 😀
    They indeed have fascinating tales about everyone ranging from humans to animals to Gods.

    • Hahaha…from a ‘cultured’ person like you, I believe that. Geez, and I am glad I am not the only one mooning along with Narcissus and loving all their stories. You are so right – they have such magically woven tales with every possible fanstasy creature in them. I am sailing offm to my ‘happy dreamy place’ for a bit….mmmm…

  2. I know some Greek mythology and some of their mythical terms and creatures , apparently from my childhood addiction to the computer game “Age Of Mythology” 😉
    So what is imprisoned in your jar of evils ?

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