Five improbable Facebook pages which made it to the Top

 Since Facebook has no limits on the number of people creating pages on it, you’ll be surprised at the ‘rich’ variety of pages available online. Even more surprising are the number of likes these pages are getting.

I have collated 5 such random pages from my quick few minutes of dedicated FB-surfing everyday (in between gulps of air from peeking into too many friends of friends albums).

Here they are in descending order of likes per page:

 1. The Middle Finger – 62,166 people like this.

*snigger snigger*

What can I say folks? A single symbolic gesture can go a long way, bear in mind.

2. Llamas – 43,509 people like this.

I KNOW! I really do!

I mean llamas? That furry, passive animal who is really nice to know I am sure, but a Facebook page with a 5-digit fan base? Now I am missing something here. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Call me opinionated, but I used to think that having a name with the first two alphabets being the same made you a direct candidate for the ‘being-picked-on’ club. Unless the letter is A, in which case that’s acceptable. The cool Aarons of the world saved that vowel from doom.

Anyway, I am wrong because the (Dalai) Llama has proven so. Makes me wonder if I should tweak my own Facebook blog page name a bit and see the number of likes go rocket high.

3. I hate Facebook – 17,381 people like this.

You support the ‘IHF’ page, then why pray are you still on Facebook???!!!!

4. Awww – 2,139 people like this.

 Awww – This is one word you won’t find in any dictionary, but its one of the most abused and over used word on Facebook. Some users take the ‘awww-iness’ of the occasion to such levels that our heads are left reeling seeing the number of Ws succeeding a single A. 


Yeah, that’s what we are dealing with on Facebook. The serial Awww-ers want to stuff in enough Ws to go around the earth 10 times and back.

(Awwww, 10 times and back? ROFL)

5Autograph ( asianet serial) – 1,891 people like this

This part is for my Mallu readers. Yeah fellow-Mals! That serial about 5 truant school children doing and saying things like 30 year olds? Well that serial has a Facebook Fan page. One can only deduce that the craze has spread farther than the bored mummy-jis to a more younger section of society and hence into Facebook itself.

P.S: Number of likes may vary on each page slightly since I last checked.

Author’s Note: I have a Facebook fan page which is starting to show signs of dehydration in terms of fan count. So if any of my kind readers would do me the favour of going and liking my page, ‘ppreciate it a lot!


5 thoughts on “Five improbable Facebook pages which made it to the Top

  1. i really shud give a thumbs up to IHF؛‎ but then i will hve to become a part of fb…decisions, decisions…loved this post…informative…and has the awww factor

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