A mosquito’s tale – from Transylvania to India

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Recent studies have shown that the blood-sucking mosquitoes are the descendants of the blood-sucking vampires. Hmmm…makes sense yeah?

They began their origin in the tale-worthy lands of Transylvania but evolved over time, ditching the scary teeth and flowing capes and adapting a smaller, less conspicuous look.

They travelled far and wide to find a wonderful land to settle down in. And what do you know, India fitted the bill perfectly. It was indeed love at first bite!

Scientists explanations are ‘inconclusive’ as to why India was chosen. Must have been the monsoons, or the friendly faced lizards or the rapid population growth which always ensured a steady supply of fresh blood to snack on. Either way, the mosquitoes are here to stay.

Of course  I made up the part about ‘the recent studies’. Off to the more important bit.

My latest article for the NRI – Every Indian’s Handbook against the Mosquito.


8 thoughts on “A mosquito’s tale – from Transylvania to India

  1. hee… he! 😀 LOL superb write-up… loved the ‘love at first bite’ concept! 😀
    india, i think was primarily chosen coz of Rajinikanth… may be they needed a translator to tell their side of the tale… he can talk to mosquitoes- a truth revealed in the recent flick- ROBOT!

    Loved it! 😀

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