Hip, Hip, Hurray? (Sigh) Not anymore

Remember that time when it was considered cool to have the lady-in-the-Renaissance-painting figure? (Sometime when Da Vinci’s beard was still the “in thing“) I wouldn’t necessarily call that figure an hourglass. It was more like an hourglass which was left near the fire too long and melted and sagged and clumped a bit in ALL the wrong places.

So that was the big, international picture. Now we zoom in from the wide  aerial view to my very own darling country India. So the camera is panning in closer and the viewers are oooh-ing and aaah-ing at the stuff that you can see from the sky level. Like Rajnikanth’s poster in Chennai. And then as the camera moves in, some of the Indian women look right up at it. And then you are treated to an assortment of beautiful kajal-filled big eyes (I am reeeeaaallly proud of this of my heritage!). By now the camera-guy gets more daring and he inches in closer to give the viewers a full head-to-toe view of the ladies. OK, this is the part where the ooohs and aaahs stop.

Things went really well till waist level and then that clumpy hourglass look kicked in at the hips. Suddenly Rajnikanth’s sunglass-clad, disproportionately sketched, Technicolor Endhiran-Robo  poster  seems mighty awesome to look at.

Sigh! The deadly Indian hips strike again!

If you have sat this through this much of my writing, you might as well read the actual article here. A Darwinian approach to the evolution of Indian hips 😀


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