Shades Of Grey

Independence Day‏ - Indian Flag -Bangalore

Image by najeebkhan2009 via Flickr

When you live in a foreign country, especially a country with a better standard of living than your own, questions are bound to crop up. Innocent questions no doubt, but ones which make replying Yes or No seem equally bad.

“So female infanticide still happens in India, huh?”

“Ummm..yes, but…only in the really remote villages.”

I say Yes, and their eyes glaze over. So I come from the country where baby girls are drowned. That is really the end of the story, isn’t it? Except it’s not. Read More…



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3 thoughts on “Shades Of Grey

  1. a very good read. now take up the cudgel for mother India and passionately write about her bountiful diverse richness to put to rest the inconsequent doubts of the ever oh so perfect firangs. can’t blame them either. it’s the same shameful scenes depicted all the time. i know the ‘writerly’ in u can do it for incredible india through your captivating posts. i sound downright patriotic. don’t i?

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