First Time

So I was sitting there reading this amazing blog which I recently discovered. And then it struck me that I haven’t done any decent story-telling in a while.

Hence the story out of the blue.

Oh, and I am still a super-lazy blogger. Hence the 55-er 🙂 OK, now its story time:

“Am I doing OK?”

“Just keep doing that. But be gentler.”

“Sorry. My first time.”

“Like this”, she guides his hand with her own.

“Now press with your finger.”

“So how did I do?”

“Congrats! You finally figured how to how to use the mouse. Told you it was simple. Just roll and click.”




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12 thoughts on “First Time

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      • hehe nice…i can’t stop LOL on “Ok this is a test reply.” 😀

        i posted 3 comments, and none of them showed up, so was checking to see if it’s due to my username or something else…

        now my third attempt on this article, i hope this one shows up:

        a good 55er…dumb me, my mind is either empty or full of garbage he he

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