The Thing about Eating ONLY Green

Vegetarianism is as foreign a concept to me as Buddhism or Narcissism. Ok I might have exaggerated about the Narcissism. I am quite familiarised with it. I practice it daily in front of any reflective surface. Mirrors, Car windows, Lift walls –  no surface is spared 🙂

So coming back to vegetarianism. A noble and healthy option, although probably not a very wise option all the time.

Take a sneak peek at a vegetarian’s diary. How does he handle the culinary hurricane he is thrown into?

My new article on NRI:

Day 1: Singapore – A prayer answered

Dear Diary,

Today has been a wonderful but tiring day for me. I will be flying abroad for the first time tomorrow. And that too, to Singapore. My first onsite trip.

My bags are all packed with new freshly pressed clothes – Van Huesen, Levis and Jockey. They are all jostling for space in there. Amma has thoughtfully packed a huge jar of mango pickle in one of Appa’s old lungis (Poor Appa’s lungis have been massacred for pickle swaddling since my college days). Read more…


Authors NoteGreat news! Blogadda has chosen this post for its Spicy Saturday Picks.Yaay!!!



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3 thoughts on “The Thing about Eating ONLY Green

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  2. methinks you simply amazing, author…

    Are you a vegetarian?

    I am a never-to-give-up-nonveg man. I wanna eat sambhara, rasama after reading this post.

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