Sealing the Deal

My GrandMom never saw GrandDad’s face  until the marriage was over. They stayed happily married for a good 50 years before Granddad passed away.

Mummy claims she only had a sneak peek at Daddy before ‘things’ were finalised. They have 35 years of marriage, 3 children and 4 grand-children and they are still very much in love.

‘A’ and I got about ten minutes of ‘getting-to-know-you’ session before we said our respective ‘OKs’ and jumped on the arranged marriage band-wagon. Since ‘A’ tends to have entire posts dedicated to him and our marriage in my blog, I think that speaks volumes about our relationship itself 🙂

For anybody who has been curious about the intricacies of an Arranged Marriage, here is an excerpt of my new NRI article:

In the West it is commonly referred to as ‘The Proposal’. In India we call it ‘Sealing the Deal’. In the West this mostly involves a solitaire ring….To read more, click here

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8 thoughts on “Sealing the Deal

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  2. Very nicely written! You provided some evidence from your life in favor of arranged marriage in the eternally confused Indian debate of ‘arranged-versus-love’. I carry a diagonally opposite view as my 3 yrs of love marriage is getting better and better each day. What i observed is that getting something to work solely lies in the hands of the stakeholders and everything else is a mere coincidence.

    Keep writing, interesting.


    • Arun, ok first of all. Were we colleagues before at Accenture? And second of all, your blog is a treasure trove for the techies..good going and thanks for the subscription too 🙂
      You are right too about love marriages. As long as the result is good, who cares how we got there?:)

  3. Proves the old adage about a good marriage being between a blind wife and a deaf husband. I think with time the expectations have risen which makes us so nostalgic about the old ways.

  4. LOL! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your article in the –

    one observation: the pre-marital time spent by bride-groom has been steadily increasing in your family 😛

    Maybe, the next generation (or the next) might eventually end up in love marriage.. 😀


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