A Blogger’s Prayer

May at least one hour of admirable discipline and indisputable creativity come my way every passing day,

May words appear at the tip of my fingers and onto the screen that promise to keep my readers captivated, 

May my blog stats shoot skyward and remain there for eternity, never to drop, 

May the comments and subscriptions increase day by day and my posts find themselves being Tweeted and Facebooked and Pressed and Emailed and Social-Networked around the globe, 

May a kindly publisher ‘discover’ my blog, pore over my months of writing and email me with a ‘I love your blog. Can we talk about a few opportunities with my publishing company?“, 

May my hushed prayers in front of a blank Word document be answered by a God – Unseen but All-Seeing, 

And Lastly, may such ridiculous content (as the one you are being subjected to right now) not find itself into my blog too often. 😀


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