Have you ever encountered – Part VI

This week’s HUEE contributor is one of my most loyal followers, theReader.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell a HUEE is, please go to my introductory post in the series HUEE- 1. Or if you didn’t catch up with the previous HUEE post, you can read it here at HUEE – 5. HUEE numbering continued from previous post. So here goes:

19. Pop! Pop! Pop!

Bubble wraps. Who isn’t attracted to these? Just popping those air-filled bubbles between your fingers is extremely therapeutic. Haven’t we all had those ‘just-one-more-bubble-and-then-I-will-stop’ moments? And haven’t we rationed out parts of the wrap to siblings and friends to pop? It always ends with frantic searches for the last few un-popped ones at the corners.

Oh! and the joy of finding a fat un-popped bubble after pressing six already squashed ones.

20. OOPS!!!

You are sitting on a rocking chair. Now rocking chairs are amazingly soothing, as we may all have experienced at some time or the other. The gentle swish-swash of the chair, the plush cushioning of the seats and those blessed arm-rests where weary arms can rest in peace.

And that gets you thinking why every house does not have a rocking chair. I mean, if you can’t do without a fridge or a bed, then why not a rocking chair? You start rocking a bit faster, your thoughts spurring you on. To hell with normal, hard and unforgiving straight-backed chairs! Rocking is the way to be! You close your eyes lean back and rock harder. And then before you can say  ‘Rock’, the chair slants too much to the back.

The effect of this is interesting. You suffer a mini-heart attack . Your hands clasp those ‘blessed?’ arm-rests to maintain balance. A small whoosh of air escapes your lips like a gasp which got cut in between.

Less than a second and so many vivid effects. You balance yourself once more, feeling your heart thumping loudly against your rib-cage as if you have just spent an hour on the treadmill. Very cardio experience, or should I say a cardiac experience.

You stop rocking and carefully get up from the chair. The heart beats have slowed down. You look around hoping no-one has noticed and you are surprised to find that the world actually DID NOT stop turning when that chair rocked back. You understand why those normal, hard and unforgiving straight-backed chairs are so common.

21. Sales and Psychology

Urban definition of Sales: An event which has hearts palpitating, feet stampeding, purses emptying and the same hearts soaring.

But the dodgy factor about price tags is the .99 bit. So a big fat 80 $ price-tage is disguised as 79.99 $. And we fall for it every single time. That is human psychology.

Also, have you noticed those posters in front of shops with sales? Ok, here are some of my favourite ones:

’50 % off (for selected items only)’

   ’50’ in Godzilla script

   ‘for selected items only’ in Lilliputian script

–  ’75 % off (for purchase of 3 or more pieces)’

   ’75’ in Godzilla script

   ‘for purchase of 3 or more pieces’ in Lilliputian script


 And this has been there in front of the shop all month long. Hmmm…

As always do leave me any HUEEs you can think of and I’ll add them on in my next post 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Have you ever encountered – Part VI

  1. Heh classic as always!

    Feels great to be back on the author’s posts after a long internet disruption at home.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hey haven’t seen you in a while. Was wondering about that. And I also was missing for quiet a while from the blogosphere.

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