“Table for Two” – Working Backwards

The ‘Table for Two’ title idea came to me when ‘A’ and I decided to dine out last week. My ‘possible-topics-to-blog’-radars were on thankfully and the expression “Table for Two?” got registered in my mind. Somewhere between ordering up a storm and exclaiming about the bill later on, I forgot about the words.

Until yesterday night when I sat down (and carefully removed the mask of mother and wife that I don all day long) and decided to write. I had three words with me and had to spin a whole story or experience around it.

 I Googled for ‘Table for Two’ images (I am yet to find a dictionary word which Google cannot spew at least one page worth of images for). Well the images didn’t help.

Next, I thought about food in general hoping for some sort of inspiration. Didn’t work. Instead I settled down with a tub of ‘Triple Chocolate’ around midnight. In my defense that tub was taking up ‘valuable freezer space’.

About 12:30 am, my thoughts wandered off settling on this and that. And the mind, in the strange way that it behaves, directed me to my ‘local’ restaurant eating days at Bangalore. When I say ‘local’, I mean it in the most creative and loud manner possible. Steel cutlery galore. Greasy, colourful food. Waiters shouting orders through your eardrums to the cooks beyond. Food platters slapped in front of you instead of placed. And the highlight of it all, no seats. Everybody stands and eat. Like I said, ‘local’ in all ways possible.

So this is what my story is about. An unimportant roadside eatery.  A teenager looking for a quick snack.  Who or what accomapanies her there?

Do check out the completed story at “Table for Two” – the story, finally

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8 thoughts on ““Table for Two” – Working Backwards

    • Ya me too. I usually do it the conventional way as well. But when bloggers block raises it’s ugly head, fast measures must be resorted to :)))

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  2. Like they say in Bollywood…come with a one-liner. It is important to think first of the one liners and then expand on that. Hope you find your story soon. God bless.

    • well..well.well…seems like a truely ‘tried and tested’ method. Definitely will use this idea more often now 🙂

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