Have you ever encountered – Part V

I have not been posting HUEEs for a while. Was in the midst of a whirlwind called LIFE, and didn’t get enough time to think of any HUEEs.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell a HUEE is, please go to my introductory post in the series HUEE- 1. Or if you didn’t catch up with the previous HUEE post, you can read it here at HUEE – 4. HUEE numbering continued from previous post. So here goes:

16. Up Above the world so High

Unlike movies, in real life the seat next to you on the plane is always occupied by someone twice your age (grumpy Uncle-ji) or someone half your age (hyperactive kid) or someone of the same gender. If there is a Mr.Right on the flight, you can be assured that destiny will place his seat as far away from yours as possible.

But look on the bright side. You will be able to scrape inside the ridiculously small plastic food containers that all airlines have taken to serving. Scrape till the last precious morsel of food is eaten without having to worry about what Mr.Right thinks. Or if you get a window seat, you can sidle your rear past the other passengers without having to worry if the rear in question is looking alarmingly huge, as do most rears in such close proximity 🙂

17. Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe it’s not the same shade…

How many women actually use a shade of lipstick till the end? I for one, have never got around to even finishing half a stick. Something which promises to be more juicy, more moisturising, or more transfer-resistant turns up and the current favourites get tossed in the corner. Or they mysteriously disappear, misplaced in car compartments, beside toilet mirrors or found many months later in bag compartments.

18. Who goes there?

You can always recognise some people from the sound of their footfalls. Well their shoe-falls actually. You know they are approaching you from behind even without turning your head.

There’s Mr.X who wears big, heavy shoes. Thud! Thud!
Mr.Y who wears shoes of average weight but carries a whole bunch of keys in his pocket. Always. Jingle! Thump! Jingle!
Mrs.A wears sensible sandals, but she has a gait that can only be referred to as clumsy. So its Flap! Flap! Flap!
Miss.B loves to totter on ridiculous high heels..click, click, click…(She can only take very small steps owing to the tightness of her skirt)

Have a great weekend everybody!

As always do leave me any HUEEs you can think of and I’ll add them on in my next post 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Have you ever encountered – Part V

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  2. heh, does that really happen up above the world so high…one shudn’t ask beautifool airhostess for food then

    some huees below:
    # the 9 factor in prices, 999.99 instead of 1000…heh kinda dodgy
    # icecream melts, n u r confused as to which side first…

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