The Great Indian Book of No-No’s

I have been ‘tagged’. In bloggers terms, that means I have to write about a topic that my ‘tagger’ has written about. In this case, the topic in question is 10 surprising things about me which people do not know.

 Also the 10 things should be clear no-no’s as per the ‘invisible book of gender biased rules which our society so graciously follows’. Cleverly worded by Anatreek herself. You can read her post at :

Thank you Anatreek for tagging me 🙂

This post is sure to make some people wear a ‘furrowed brow’ (a term lovingly borrowed from a PG Wodehouse novel I am reading). In my defense, I want to say “Nothing. Enjoy the post.”

So here goes:

1. I still do not know how to drape the sari correctly. I love the attire. I am excellent at strutting around like a proud peacock once someone else has struggled with the pleats and the concealed pins.

2. I don’t WANT to insist on clearing up plates when I go to someone’s house.

Note: In most Indian families, this is watched upon keenly by the older folks.

Will she offer? How much time will the gentle tug-of-war for the plate continue between the host and her? Who will win and take back the plate to the kitchen like a prize trophy?

I do try to help and take back my own plate usually, but no I refuse to do an Olympic style contest at the threshold of the kitchen. You want to take back the plate? You insist? Be my guest (No pun  intended).

3. I hate wearing any form of footwear which raises my heels more than my toes. In short, I hate wearing high heels. In my alter-universe, I would skip around all day in a sturdy pair of rubber chappals and of course be a size-zero.

4. I enjoy classy jokes even if they contain sexual content. As long as they are not too gross.I do not see the need to blush or roll my eyes with a “Boys will be boys!” expression. And I will not feign ignorance and pretend like I didn’t get it. Puhleeees…

5. Just because I am a girl, I do not have a gene which makes me want to while away all my free time scouring pans or scrubbing bathroom floors. My idea of fun is otherwise. Is anybody gasping at this blasphemy? Too bad.

 6. I don’t appreciate aromatic candles and bouquets of flowers. Disposing off wilted flowers puts me off. And burning candles is always a scary thought.

7. I never had a ‘Mills and Boons’ phase.  The predictable ‘innocent girl, rich millionaire’ story line never worked for me.

8. I do not go weak in the knees when I think about Sean Connery. Period.

9. Discussing bedsheet colours and cutlery designs is not one of my interests.

10. I am often confused by the different types of spices and dals in Indian cooking. And no, I am not going to bother to learn. So there.

My tag targets:

Hayaah, Priya, LakshmiThinking Cap ,Lazy Pineapple and IKeepWondering

Once they are done with their posts, I will post the links up here. So stay tuned!

Here’s the links of my ‘tag-ees’:


5 thoughts on “The Great Indian Book of No-No’s

    • Hey ikeepwondering, why keep wondering!!

      Good story isnt’t!!!.

      Guess what after reading this, I wanted to find more about author and stumbled across:
      About Me>>

      The above link suggests that is a Keralite. This article on cinema is great, will broadcast it in a couple of weeks, once I am a lot less busier. M pretty sure my friends will enjoy it.

      The other day I was reading someone’s blog about ‘Legend of The Lungi’ Is it true ‘national’ bird of Kerala is Mosquito, her national dress is Lungi and that ‘Lungi is a strategic dress. It’s like a one-size-fits-all bottoms for Keralites’ 🙂

      Would be great to have an article on Lungi from the author.

      • @theReader : You have remained one of my most consistent readers and commentators…. I will definitely write one about the lungi. What a delightful idea. And thank you for the promotion of my posts too.

        Do tell more about yourself. I knw nothing about you too 🙂

  1. As usual free and frank, humourous and arrogant!

    I doubt about the furrowed brow – as those that would have, never read such blogs! Those that read would never have furrowed brows!

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