Bizarre Connections

This post is a first in a new series called ‘Bizarre Connections’.  

Puzzled? Well to solve the mystery, finish reading the passage below and then click and drag your mouse over the Explanation box to uncover the real secret  behind the words.  The clicking and dragging wont work with IPhone currently. Our team is still trying to fix that as an update for IPhone OS4 😉

 She watched him all day. He strode along magnificently, barely  glancing at her. She sighed. It felt like she had been standing rooted to this spot for eternity.   

All the women folk in the field had the same wistful expression on their face as they gazed up at him.  

His face was radiant and the warmth he exuded seemed to caress her whole being.  But as evening drew near, he always disappeared, only to appear again the next day.

When, oh when, would he recognise her love?

 Explanation – The faithful love of a Sunflower for the Sun 

And yet again, the two sides met. It always got messy when they came face to face. But then discrimination based on skin colour usually led to unrest and violence.

People favoured the Whites. They got the best places everywhere. Everybody chose them over the Blacks. The Blacks, well let’s just say, they were the optional crowd. Not many regarded them. But they could pack a punch, if there was enough of them. 

The Whites were let out by the dozen and for each dozen whites, two or three Blacks were released.

It wasn’t fair, but then what is these days?

 Explanation – Salt and Pepper granules meet for the first time on top of an omelette.


28 thoughts on “Bizarre Connections

  1. I got the first one even before I read the explanation…didn’t think sunflower, thought just flower…but the 2nd one was tricky. Didn’t even think of salt and pepper…good going. I like the way you think and write ofcourse.:)

  2. Aaah… I was quite lost there, for a bit…

    Once the curtain rose on my unawareness, it all revealed itself into a big fat – NICE – Interestingly Done!!!

    Is this some new style of writing that Ive been clueless about, or is it a whole new style of your own?

    Either ways… Good Job Lady Sweetness! Share on, ‘cos I look forward to more of these 🙂

    • Style of writing…LOL…yes u may call it that. It’s d style dat emerges when bloggers who r too bored decide to bore others as well 😀
      Lady Sweetness

  3. When others find it difficult to understand what u hv written then it means u r writing really good. 🙂

    I still can not figure out what u hv written here. Pls care to explain in reply to this.

    • Hahahaha..Krunal I admire u for ur frankness. I wonder if any of my readers understood it now 🙂
      Well I am depicting the relationship between 2 objects like a story not revealing what the objects r. Only once u click and drag ur mouse over the Explanation box will the objects be revealed to u. A bit strange I suppose. I do hope u understand it dis time. If u dont, I think I can safely assume my creativity has gone haywire 😉

      • I think as I checked this on iPhone, I missed the visual n dragging aspects which could hv helped me in understanding it better.

      • ah! thought so. have updated teh Iphone prob on my post as well. Thanks for mentioning dat out 🙂

    • Thanks Nimmu..
      N red n white wine eh? actually nw that i read it again..even dat makes sense. Mebbe next time I should just make it a quiz and see what ppl have to guess 🙂

  4. I love this new style – I haven’t come across this before.

    I could guess the Sunflower after reading a second time, but couldn’t get Salt and Pepper.

    Keep going!


  5. @Keerthana: ah I guess I must pull of d cobwebs on my imagination and accept the tag eh? 🙂 Thanks.

    @Aniruddha : Thanks yaar n welcome 2 my blog. First the twtr follow n now a post comment. ur turning out into my fav tweep now 😉

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