Pocket full of Posies

“Are you sure this is ok? We are not supposed to wander.” the Little Brother asks.

“Come on, you silly. We haven’t seen them for ages. They won’t know. And they play the most fun games”, the Older Sister replies.”There. Can you hear them now?”

A pocket full of posies;
Hush! hush! hush! hush!
All fall down!”

The Children stand in a circle their arms linked, their faces flushed as they chant their song. Their tiny feet move together in rhythm with the words. The sun dips slowly between the trees. And the trees and shrubs of the wood cast long shadows on the ground.

“All fall D-O-W-N!!!” the Little Brother and Older Sister join in the final chorus and dissolve in giggles.

“Can we have a closer look at them?” the Little Brother asks.

“S’pse so. No harm in that. Hold my hand” They move forward together careful not to make much noise.

The Children begin to link their arms together again for a second round.

“Can we play with them? I wish we could.” the Little Brother whines.

The Children start their chanting again and they move faster and faster.

“Hush!” the Older Sister pushes her brother away impatiently, entranced by the game.

“Don’t push!” He cries loudly. “You are awful to me!” He pushes her back and she falls onto a nearby bush. There is a loud rustling noise.

The Children stop their chanting and look around them. There are voices nearby and the bushes are rustling mysteriously. But they can’t see anybody.

The Brother and Sister know it’s time to leave. Forgetting their little squabble, they run back through the woods singing at the top of their voices “Pocket full of posies. Down Down Down…”. They giggle and sing as they run all the way to the cemetery at the other end of the woods.

The Children start to feel uneasy and bewildered. The sun has gone down by now. They can hear childish voices muttering something. And imaginary footsteps seemed to have crunched the leaves beneath the ground as though someone scurried past them. The wind echoes their play-song eerily “Pocket fulla posssieees, hussssshhhhh…husssshhhhh…..”

Authors Note: I remember the first (and the last) Stephen King book I read. I didn’t get past the first few pages actually. The scaredy-cat that I am, the book spooked me out big time. There was no mention of ghosts, killers or anything supernatural. But dear ol’ Stephen had banked on the one thing that can guarantee spookiness : our own imaginations. It had felt like the sky outside had grown dark, and an eerie silence had descended. The room suddenly became cold as if a Dementor had entered and sucked away all my happy thoughts. Two times, I stopped reading and tried to convince myself it was just a book. It didn’t work. Finally, for the first time in my life, I returned my book to the library unfinished.

That is the power of words.

In terms of story-telling, I have a long way to go. It always feels like all the good plots and twists have already been taken. And yet, each day I read wonderful books which reinforces my belief in people and their creativity.

Writing this creepy-sorts story is by far The Biggest Challenge I faced in terms of blogging.
Romance is romance. It’s ok even if it’s predictable, because people might still read your story for the heck of it. We are all suckers for happy endings 🙂

The Stamp Collector was do-able too, because all of us know someone old who could do with a kind smile or gesture.
And most of my other posts are of an autobiographical nature. Yes I love to write about myself 🙂

But a horror story is a whole new ball game. It must be gripping. We don’t want the readers chuckling over your tomato-ketchup gore or the white-uniform clad ghost. No it should be subtle. Let the reader’s imagination do the scaring bit, we must merely provide the rough skeleton (no pun intended) for the plot.

Do let me know how the story went. On second thought, I think I might head out to the library and take that Stephen King novel again.
Happy weekend everybody!!! 🙂


29 thoughts on “Pocket full of Posies

  1. I am getting old…I wrote u a comment, but forget to press post and then wandered over to read something else on your blog.

    Well anyway, when I first started reading your post, suddenly thought of “The Others” for some odd reason, even though I had no idea this was going to be a spook story. Stephen King spooked me too – so much so that I have a deep rooted fear of cats (Pet Cemetry). Even though this post didn’t really scare me NOW, I do have a strange feeling I might get goosebumps the next time I hear this rhyme. 🙂

  2. Now that’s more like it!! Good one, nice to see a deviation from the, no-offense, cute and cuddly stuff. Have u seen the movie “The Others’ ? Ur story sorta reminded me of it.

    Ur first and last Stephen King???!! I’m a huge fan of horror genre and a Stephen King addict 🙂 I have read and own most of his works. Try Salem’s Lot or Shining or It.. guarantied to scare the living day lights outta you 🙂

    Keep writing.

  3. Ya i know…I must admit I was thinking abt ‘the Others’ when I wrote this story..terribly copy-catty of me. need a lot of honing in the spook dept.
    now m copy-catty + scaredy-catty 😀
    n ‘Pocket full of posies’ is a flower shop at the Airport here. Hence the name of the story 😛

    About Mr.King, ahemm..I do plan to atleast finish one. but shuddersss..its gng 2 be a real test of non-existent courage

    • yes i suppose m jus sorta sailing thru another phase now.
      Commented on ur story. Who knew d cutie pie wid d cute lil cap cud think so evil??:P

    • Read your article, a very good attempt. Kinda reminds me of ‘Kiss the Girls’ by James Patterson.

      Keep writing

  4. This is great.. I’m no expert, but you could probably look at being consistent with the tenses.

    Keep writing!!

    • Oh dear.. U were so right abt d tenses. Went back n cleared up my horrifying tense mistakes. Thank u so much for that 😀

  5. I thought the story was cute O_O

    whoops was all I thot after reading that it was meant to be spooky…

    feedback: the word eerily – at the end – was the only thing that hinted at it being close to spooky.

    But in your defense, I dont get spooked easily… in fact… i love reading and watching horror, because VERY FEW achieve the aim of horrifying me… the rest just make me giggle or snear at their lameness. So its a good thing I did neither while reading yours 😛

    I did go down memory lane to my own ring-a-ring-a roses days, big time though! 😀

    • Ya I know .loved dat game as a kid too. Yes I suppose my story lacks d finesse of a true spooky story. I think I will stick to mushy funny stuff 😛

  6. After a long time I’m reading ur blogs again.. I found this one cute till almost the end.. N then got into the spooky-shivers mode.. hehe.. Was a cute horror story! I still love your cute romantic stuff 🙂 It’s maybe cos I’m not a super fan of horror.. I’m a chicken when it comes to that!

  7. next a science thriller? ufo’s, aliens, critters or from the earth’s underbelly……….? your creations are inexhaustible. am waiting to read them. good going.

    • Yo Priya, me too (in the waiting list).

      It would be great to have categories like thrill, horror, suspense and sci-fi.

      Romance stories suck big time. I read them cos author puts in sudden twists at times.

      This was a pretty good story. Wish it had gone further he he. Some stories are laid out sort-of-unfinished intentionally to arrest readers’ mind even after the climax.

      • hahahha..so not a romance fan I see. Well i wil def try 2 keep up a different approach next time 🙂

  8. @ FB BFF: M glad m not d only chicken ard..cute horror story eh? i gues m just shrouded in cuteness n dats reflecting on my posts ..LOL 😉

    @Priya : Hahahaha…na Priya I think I’ll stick to normal everyday stuff. No brain-storming needed..:)

  9. Loved “The sun dips slowly between the trees. And the trees and shrubs of the wood cast long shadows on the ground.” very vivid. But thought the last para was a little too detailed. Really admire your consistency in writing 🙂

      • Sometime s being a writer means to write even when you have lost interest- maybe you could experiment when you lose the energy- change things up in the story- say like using an anticlimax 😛

      • @surysingh: “Sometime s being a writer means to write even when you have lost interest”
        – It is more easy to be wise for others than for ourselves ~François Duc de La Rochefoucauld

        “change things up in the story- say like using an anticlimax” – this would ruin the plot completely (my advice to you – never try a hand at writing something)…i think the beauty of this post is in its climax just the way it has been presented to us, as it plays in your mind even after the story is over…

  10. There’s an underlying story within..I wonder how many of those who read this really got that…one dosen’t see subtlity these days..I agree with U when U say you are probably disjointed in bits ..happens to all of us I guess from time to time..A perfect piece is a matter of correct coincidences..but you are very good too..subtle & dreamy & creepy too 😀

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