Have you ever encountered – Part 4

It’s Tuesday. The Mondays blues have paled from a navy hue to a tranquil blue. The Americans are still in holiday-mode but for the rest of us, the weekend is finished.

This week’s HUEE contributors are me and my good friend, my imagination. Actually HUEE no 13 was something a really witty friend Gopi once noticed. I remember we had a good laugh about it long ago.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell a HUEE is, please go to my introductory post in the series HUEE- 1. Or if you didn’t catch up with the previous HUEE post, you can read it here at HUEE – 3. HUEE numbering continued from previous post. So here goes:

13. We Indians are all about discovering new lands like Christopher Columbus. Discover a new land. Find a job or business. Bring on the whole family and extended family. And make ourselves right at home.

So this HUEE deals with a certain sect of Columbuses (hereby referred to as Mr.C’s) who head out to US. Well it’s usually the ‘IT crowd’ who have slaved 28 nights in a month at office to get that golden ‘onsite’ opportunity. And once, they reach US (also known as the ‘Mecca of Onsiteness’) the IT people are busy clicking pictures.

There are a few pictures of Statue of Liberty, some random lady in shorts and Niagara falls. But the majority snaps will be self-photography.
– Mr.C showing a V-sign along with the big-headed Mickey at Disneyland.
– Mr.C posing in front of a Mercedes-Benz which he does not own.
– Mr.C wearing his first ever wind-breaker on a snow-filled driveway smiling proudly as if he is the reason it snowed that day.
(Note : India is primarily a tropical climate country. So snow is a big deal for Indians).
– If it’s a Miss. C , she might either choose to cut her long locks because she thinks once she does that, it make her look ‘modurrrn’. Ugh!!!
– Or she might buy a sleeveless top and a capri and strike poses at all the above said places. Complete with new trainers and sun-glasses *faintz*

Am I going a bit over the top with the sarcasm? Actually , I think in my orkuttian days, I was guilty of one of these poses myself . *Gulp*

14. This HUEE is about one of my favourite people on the planet to hate.
Its people who ask you a question feigning interest and then even before you finish your reply, they are already turning their heads and scanning the surroundings. Ummm…hello I am still talking.

15. Air Kisses. Not the sort that you blow to people  and they catch it in their palms and stuff inside their pockets. That sort I like. I am talking about the snobby ‘kissing the air behind you ears’ kiss. I don’t understand it and I don’t practice it. If you don’t know me well enough to kiss me on the cheek, then you definitely don’t deserve to kiss the air behind my ears. It’s a territorial thing.

Author’s Note I have a Facebook fan page which is starting to show signs of dehydration in terms of fan count. So if any of my kind readers would do me the favour of going and liking my page, ‘ppreciate it a lot!


22 thoughts on “Have you ever encountered – Part 4

  1. Loved 13 and 15…
    “It’s a territorial thing” :))))) haha….
    I’ll keep that in mind… might come in useful 😛

      • hahhaaahahhaa… how true sis!!! how true…!!!!!
        just that u erred in my choice of cars…. it was a RR…it used to be parked every evening opposite our office…and we used to sneak around when the driver went for a walk and click away pics 😀 😀

  2. hehe..I am guilty for posing for a snap when it snowed crazy this winter in UK.
    I actually love the air kiss..not because I am a snob but I am not too keen on having lipstick stains or a few germs on my cheek 😛

    • Hehe… V all have pics of ourselves pulling a ‘No.13’ 😉
      n u solved the mystery of how lipstick stay on some ppls lips Forever. Kiss kiss ..Hehe

    • ha ha Lazy Pineapple, as far as I know men don’t apply lipsticks (so no stains)

      :: just joking 🙂

  3. ‘Territorial thing’, huh? 😀 I would remember this next time I meet you 🙂

    Point No. 14 is a set of people from I would love to hate too 😐

  4. ‘Territorial thing’, huh? 😀 I would remember this next time I meet you 🙂

    Point No. 14 is a set of people whom I would love to hate too 😐

  5. Hehehe loved this one!! True true true!! Well pics part.. Well.. Ummm.. hehe.. done that! so no comments on that one!! Yea the ‘air kisses’ is so common and I guess I’m quite used to doing it too.. So it almost goes on as more of an ‘act’ than a meaningful gesture.. Weird actually!

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  7. the columbus phase is a phase in everyone’s life much like you talk about anyone’s teenage phase. In fact I have often found people who make fun of such columbuses turn out to be even more superficial as the columbuses they refer to; Me included (so much for the cynicism). Why else would mothers run after there kids to take the first walking pose, the first smiling pose, overturned pose so blame the mothers not the little columbuses they make

    • Ansu, thank you for 2 things…. 1 for the long comment..which blogger doesnt want that compared to a ‘Great post’ remark?:)

      And secondly, for commenting on such a long-forgotten post. I just re-read it again and smiled 🙂

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