Have you ever encountered – Part 3

It’s finally Thursday! We are on the downhill journey to the weekend which I am sure all of you are completing rolling down as fast as you can laughing all the way till you reach Friday evening 🙂

This week’s HUEE contributors are Nimcy, TheReader, LazyPineapple and me. Thanks peeps for your insightful ideas (applause in the background).

For those of you who are wondering what the hell a HUEE is, please go to my introductory post in the series HUEE- 1. Or if you didn’t catch up with the previous HUEE post, you can read it here at HUEE – 2. HUEE numbering continued from previous post.

So here goes:

8. You have an office meeting starting in five minutes. It’s a boring meeting and horror of horrors, you might need to even give a status report. A couple of emails have just come through (thanks to Outlook’s super efficient Send/Receive system..Grrr…). All the emails come ending with a question or a ‘Please advise’ or worse a Red Urgent Flag. You are resignedly gathering your mobile, pen and notepad and dragging your feet to the meeting room.

Suddenly, boss/bossini appears and informs that the meeting is cancelled. You nod your head obediently at the boss and look suitably remorseful at the cancelled meeting, while mentally throwing your pen and notebook in the air and bursting forth into a song.

9. Similar scenario as the above just that you are a student on the day of a major exam. And the exam is to be postponed to X date. You replaced the date with X because you didn’t even hear that part. You and your friends were already doing a slow jog to the canteen to celebrate!!! 😀

10. You tear open the cover of a new bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk. Ok, you are just going to have two cubes. No make that three. So smart of Cadburys to divide a chocolate bar into neat little cubes wouldn’t you say? You break off three cubes, but oopsie… a half from the 4th cube broke as well.

Oh it’s just a small piece. You munch thoughtfully at the chocolate wondering why everything in life seems so much better all of a sudden. You are finished with the ‘3 and a negligible’ pieces. And you immerse in licking off the melted chocolate off your fingers. You eye the remaining chocolate. All that remains of the first row is that jagged edge of the 4th cube. Now, you a have a thing for symmetry. So you cannot bear the thought of that chocolate bar looking like that. Off goes the jagged edge and into your mouth. Mmmm…

Then there is a moment. A decisive moment. You weigh the odds. Should you or should you not? Mostly you will succumb to the temptation and savour the whole bar to its last sinful cube of chocolate bliss. Or on the rare occasion, you will run to the fridge, jam the chocolate inside and regretfully wipe the drool which was forming on your chin 😦

Personally, my own opened chocolate bars never get back inside the fridge. It’s a one way journey for them. From the fridge onto my hips.

11. You are on the main road, trying to flag down a cab for your girlfriend. Cab after cab whizzes past ignoring your signals. But inside you are thrilled that no cab is stopping. You can get that extra five minutes with her. Sigh…young love!!!

12. Its rush hour time in the morning. You are at the platform waiting for the local train to come along. As the train approaches, you notice a tensing of commuters bodies around you. People stop talking on their mobiles, handbags are re-aligned on shoulders, feet are arranged slightly apart. Everybody is ready for the train. The train doors whoosh open, and all hell breaks loose. People are elbowing and pushing each other. ‘Hurt to immobilise, not to kill’ is the order of the day.

Finally you are inside. But the battle is not over. Everybody is scurrying forward to catch an empty seat. You also join in only to ‘just-miss’ two or three seats. Those who get a seat give you a look which says ‘I can stare at you rudely now. Because I got a seat and you didn’t, loser’.

Sigh! The joys of public transport.


16 thoughts on “Have you ever encountered – Part 3

    • LP, ur contribution was the chocolate thingy! Hehe… No wonder u related to it. Let me refresh your memory. You had mentioned it in ur previous comment on HUEE – Part 2 😀

  1. Well, at least that explains where all the cadbury bars that I buy from the supermarket end up 😛
    Keep the HUEEs coming 🙂

  2. “Hurt to immobilize; not to kill”
    “I can stare at u rudely now; cuz I gotta seat and u didn’t.. loser!!”
    and the comic strip.. started my day with a ‘LOL’
    Thanks 🙂

  3. What the hell girl. How could you put down..in exact details..the way one struggles while having cadbury’s with such an ease and in such simple words. This is awesome-ly fantastic. Loved it completely!!

  4. Ooo… the new look took me by surprise and I quite like it!

    As for why I popped in… The cadbury bit was utterly, dill-the-iscous! *wipes off drool*

  5. @Nimcy : Thanks n keep suggesting 😉
    @Keerthana : I know. happens to me too sometimes.
    @Dhakkanz : Cadbury seems to be d most relatable predicament for most girls..LOL
    @Sourabh : Not many of us r lucky like u 🙂
    @Hayaah: Glad you approve. Just did it up now…

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  7. I am not too fond of Cadbury chocolate but I have a thing for Nutties. They make that one way journey you talk about and each time I consider packing the remaining few back into the fridge, something makes me change my mind.

    Ditto about the meeting! Nothing like a cancelled one. 😀
    Brilliant post!

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