IndiBlogger Meet at Singapore – June 2010

On 18th June 2010, history was made in the IndiBlogger portals. The first ever IndiBlogger meet outside India took place at Singapore. 11 participants braving various obstacles like fever, long commute hours, clashing movie timings gathered together. To do what? Well, that was the part nobody was sure of.

Sometime not so long ago (The organiser speaks)

I got back on the blogging scene mid May this year (yes I am a newbie) and discovered Indiblogger hardly a month ago. My poor blog had been had been left to the mercy of cyber-indifference until I started updating it again recently. So while waiting for my precious blog-approval on Indiblogger, I whiled away the days browsing through the website. That’s when I came across the IndiMeets page which soon led me to searching for bloggers in Singapore. And Lo and behold! We were a 60 odd group here. Yuppee!!!

Now this got my rarely exercised grey cells working. I filled out an organise meet submission page. I was chuckling to myself as I typed in my phone number for the IB guys to call and confirm. Because I was 99.9% sure nobody would call up. Probably they would only confirm the India meets, I thought. Boy oh boy! Was I wrong. I received a call from Renie 2 days later, confirming my ‘human-ness’ 🙂

And then I began to panic.

Because it was one thing filling out an online form and another thing actually organising it. Gulp! But slowly participants started trickling in. And that did help my confidence. Suggestions poured in and soon we had an actual group for the meet.

Still, there were still a few sweaty-palmed moments when fellow participant Chriz suggested we all bring laptops to do presentation of our blogs. I had almost thought of feigning last minute no-show at this point ;). Or when I had casually gone through a few of the participants blogs especially Jamshed’s. And got a severe ‘blog inferiority complex’ as I very sweetly mentioned to Jamshed over kebabs later in the evening. He has also authored a few books and is the first author that I have actually seen in person.

The Actual Meet

In all honesty, we didn’t really do any serious talks about blogging. Just a few blog rants, blog confessions and whole lot of catching up. The ambience of the restaurant was amazing and so were the kebab starters. Everybody enjoyed the succulent bites. At least I did.(Burp!)

Thank you Sushant for suggesting Mirchis’s Kebab Factory as our meeting place. I will never “pfffttt…” at a vegetarian’s choice of restaurant again: P

I did get some very informative stuff about Twitter from the Tweet-Gurus Abhijeet and Honey. And I have taken the solemn twitty oath to tweet till I have exhausted all the words in the Oxford dictionary twice!!! 😀

Owing to my organiser jitters, I practically bullied my friend and fellow blogger Divya to join me for the meet. Divs, thank you for coming along and agreeing to make for the door if things got out of hand!

Chriz, Krunal, Sushant, Divs and me were the earliest ones. So I must say I did discover a lot more about them than the others. Krunal , you amazed me with your energy and motivation to do so many things in spite of having family commitments. For the benefit of the readers, Krunal was off for French classes and Salsa performance the day after the meet. He also has a very detailed C# technical blog and a Gujarati blog to his credit.

Avinash, one of the youngest member in the meet, has been coined ‘The Kiddo’, owing to his student status. Avinash , if you are reading this , here is a virtual hair ruffle for you from me. And a lollipop to go along 😉

Then there was the innocence-personified Kritika and happy-go-lucky Anirudh. Unfortunately, owing to a distance of 4 or 5 seats between us I couldn’t get a 1-on-1 with them. Anirudh and Kritika, watch out! The next meet, you cannot escape my clutches! Be ready for some extreme chattering 😀

The meet ended with a song by our very talented Chris. And we all sang along too (or at least mouthed the chorus). Despite having one no-show, the evening went off superb. Goodbyes were said hesitantly and I will feel eternally guilty that I had to be the one to wind up things up owing to some maternal commitments from my end.

Is it possible that strangers can become friends in such a short time? I believe so now. We all left the restaurant together joking and laughing ; a strange contrast from the silent hesitant individuals we were when we entered.

And I wait for the day when we can all meet again. Till then let Indiblogger, Facebook and Twitter keep us together 🙂

This was the guest list I had printed out before the meet began. Just a gesture to appear very in-control and organised! LOL. But now I have saved it for sentimental reasons 🙂

Author’s Note : I have a Facebook fan page which is starting to show signs of dehydration in terms of fan count. So if any of my kind readers would do me the favour of going and liking my page, ‘ppreciate it a lot!


25 thoughts on “IndiBlogger Meet at Singapore – June 2010

  1. Good post describing the state of mind of organizer. Initial meet was success but still we couldn’t communicate well with in group. So next time we have to work on it.
    I’m pretty sure about success of our initiative under your able leadership.

  2. In all honesty, we didn’t really do any serious talks about blogging .. Neither do we ! 🙂 .. But bloggers can always talk about that online I guess .. Now that we know a few of them 🙂

    P.S : That guest list with the tick marks is so organized!!

  3. Maria’s Eleven, that should’ve been the title of this post 😀 . But seriously thanks a bunch for taking the initiative for organizing the meet and following through. If at all you were jittery, it did NOT show on the evening of the meet. Now that’s a true Leader of the Pack! Daniel Ocean anyone?

  4. @Krunal : Ya next time v all shud interact more.n LOL at the ‘leadership’ bit!

    @Anoop : Phew n I was under the impressions bloggers were supposed to talk about blogging non-stop. 😛

    @AG : True Leader…LMHO…if only some ppl cud see this!But thanks just the same. Does boost the ego a bit! N v cud all do with that 🙂

    @Hayaah : Hugs n kisses back at ya….awww…u guys r instrumental in making me take each of these steps 🙂

    • It was indeed a wonderful meet. I suppose all this was possible because Singapore is just a tiny island and all of us could meet up. I guess wid UK its a diff story eh? but y dont u try n suggest..u nvr know!!! 🙂

  5. Anthony Robbins says ‘Success comes from taking initiative’ and that’s what you did and it worked out well. I suggest the next round we get into meeting room, i believe there are cheap ones to hire and then talk about our blogging experiences, tips and some social media technology. I have the dump on it if anyone is interested. Cheers …. jams

    • Ur rite…next time v need to actively discuss things .So whens ur post coming along? Now that I am finished with mine, I am at liberty to bug the others 😉

  6. Cool man ! So you folks did it ! Meeting bloggers is fun – each one has so many things to fun and meeting the face behind the blog gives the blog a human face next time you visit 😉

  7. Hey, btw, u are the same blogger who wrote that awesome post on the Mystery Contest , right? And I just realised I am in your Blogroll 🙂 Mighty pleased.. thank you 🙂

    • @Pal: there is nothing more exciting than someone recognizing u by ur blog! Thanks a ton! Though u cud try to organise one in diff parts of UK… Might work out …this was my first ever blogger meet and it was worth it 😀

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  9. Well done you!

    As a Brit is does not really help me that the first Indiblogger meet outside of India was even further for me than India! Congrats anyway…

    • Amar, Indiblogger has 66 bloggers in London itself. Give it a try. U can def organise a meet there 🙂

  10. Ohh .. a very nicely written description of the first ever indi-bloggers meet outside India. I myself am a pretty new blogger and am going to participate in the meet that is going to be organized in Mumbai on 4th of July ..

    Congratulations .. both for the article and the successful event that it describes.

    – The Dog.

  11. the teacher.. miss!!! thanks much for inviting a crap blogger like me to the meet.. erecting a statue in your name..

    Reg the meet: just one word -FUN

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