Have you ever encountered? – Part 2

Today I am writing a few HUEEs courtesy my amazing friend Jaimy. For those of you who don’t know what HUEEs are , do go to my previous post HUEE – Part 1. HUEE numbering continued from the previous post. 

4. The radio is playing one of your favourite songs while you are driving and you have just parked the car. How many of us have sat an extra 10 seconds just to finish listening to the song? I definitely have. And much to the irritation of hubby dearest, I have sat longer when they play my next favourite after the first favourite! 🙂 

5. You are tucked in bed all warm and cosy. And just then you realise you didn’t switch off the kettle or lock the door. Aren’t there moments like this when you just cant bear the thought of leaving your ‘cosiness’? 

6. Disclaimer: This one is more of a girl HUEE than a guys.
You open your closet and stare at the wide and colourful array of clothes. And then you sigh and say “I have nothing to wear!” 😀 

7. Have you ever snoozed the alarm just to sleep for that extra precious 5 minutes in the morning and then woke up to discover you slept for an extra 2 hours? 



As always do leave me any HUEEs you can think of and I’ll add them on in my next post 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Have you ever encountered? – Part 2

  1. I am guilty of doing..all these things 😛

    I always eat one piece of a chocolate bar and then another and another and after some time realize that I have finished the whole bar 😛

  2. ha ha… love ur coinage of HUEE’s

    I read it and I was like what the where? o_O

    Guilty as charged of all of the above including the choc. bar one and minus the radio thing, unless it counts as something on TV in a similar fashion 😉

  3. Hehe.. nice one!! I feel honored to see my name in ur blog 🙂 I thought you should write a bit more on each adding ur own personal witty experience cos u do have life in ur words.. and i luv reading them!!
    Keep writing..

  4. Hey Mario! great writing! 🙂

    well, I’d like to add this, u wake up late and hurry up worrying if u wud miss the cab and the cab arrives late… phew! its relief+joy. there is nothing like a dreaded meeting getting scrapped or postponed on a hectic gloomy day… reminds me of our semester exams that get postponed due to harthals and strikes!!! wat a feeling that was! 😉

  5. @LP : glad u totally relate with them. The choco bar hogging.yup been der , done that and nw have extra fat 2 show for all my shameless hogging too..hehehhe..will add dat on in my next post

    @Hayaah: Ya after i read ur bit abt the HUEEs I sat der fantasising about how down d years it wud become a household name like J-Lo or Ben n Jerrys. N then i would get a copyright for it and people would be scrambling to get rights over my uber-cool HUEE posts. ya i did dat fantasising for 5 min …bliss!! 😀

    @Jaimy : If u give me more HUEEs i shall include ur name in my posts more often..dats how d deal goes 😉
    Was in bit of a hurry when i wrote em, but promise next one i shall elaborate properly

    @Nimcy : Wow…first time to my blog eh?welcome here Nims…wil def include ur ideas too .Thanks! 🙂

  6. I get bored easily waiting in any queue although it’s my fault of getting in late…i feel like i have been tied and i am helpless and can’t do anything but go with the flow…it’s one place where you can do nothing but hope for a miracle…it’s short-yet-great joy when one or more queue members voluntarily get out of queue thereby bringing you closer to “the desk” – be it at a cinema, or airport, or at your favorite take-away (my fav, wasabi – a japanese take away), tube stations…

    Just thought of another one…I don’t know how many of us have experienced this…you are to see-off your loved one (friend, intimate, parents – at a bus stop, a tube station, taxi stand) secretly hoping the taxi, XXX-numbered bus to arrive a bit late so you could get an extra min or two with the person…

    I can think of some more now, will add those in next published sequel.

    Thanks for another story.

    Greetings from India!

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