Have you ever encountered? – Part 1

This is part of a new series I am starting.

 ‘Have you ever encountered?’ deals with funny/strange/thought-provoking people/situations we encounter in our day-to-day existence.

If any of you have any more scenarios to contribute, please do leave a comment. And I will definitely try to add your personal encounter in my next post in this series. So read on…

1. Remember the time when our generation had just discovered emails and all of us excitedly created our first email addresses? Most of us didn’t think of funky email ids then. It was the usual John_Smith@hotmail.com. But for those people whose names were just too common, they resorted to adding their age or year of birth at the end of their names. So we ended up having JohnSmith_83@hotmail.com or JohnSmith_17@hotmail.com in our address books. Easy way to guess someone’s age. Very Sherlockian of me wouldn’t you say? 😀

2. How many of us download and install softwares? All of us.  And how many of us actually read through the license agreements before we click Install or Begin. None of us. For all we know, we might be clicking Yes to an agreement which says we need to donate 2 kidneys and 10,000 dollars to someone!

 3. Ok, what’s the deal with the so-called 5-minute recipes? Isn’t that a mythical concept? It takes me 5 minutes alone to set up all the ingredients on my kitchen counter. So where’s the time for mixing, smashing, popping into oven, etc? The only exception to this farce is instant noodles. And thank God for that.


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10 thoughts on “Have you ever encountered? – Part 1

  1. :D…
    reminded me of the time when after struggling for 2 hours over a dial up connection at 60Rs/hr, I managed to finally create anoop.balachandran@usa.net, rushed home and announced to my unsuspecting father…”Dad, Finally your son has an address of his own”…And the truth to this day remains the same…I’m more or less c/o my dad… :))
    As for the 5 minute recipe…It’s more or less equivalent to the “learn–in-10 hours” thing…they never consider the preps…just the execution…and shouldn’t it be that way?? I mean, would you go to a hospital for your delivery if it said “Babies shall be delivered in 9 months”??

  2. I always start reading the license agreements but get derailed somehow and just quit…
    I don’t believe in 5 minute recipe dishes..it always involves dicing onions and tomatoes and other sundry stuff which the cook usually does not include in the recipe time:)

    I still have my yahoo id since nearly 11 years now…

    somehow..your RSS feed is not working..I did not get an update of this post…

    • I know. those tricky agreements have so much stuff mentioned that all of just have to give up…
      Abt the RSS feed,few others complaining too.need to look that up soon.

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  4. LoL

    It was actually the opposite for me and some people I know… they came up with the most whack stuff and since we’ve accumulated so many people since afore on those messengers, its embarassing to add new folk and u gotta tell em its an over 10 yr old 1st id… he he

    As for the others… I do try, like lazypineapple, also give up mid way 😉 I love the devil pix uve put up with it btw…

    And those 5 min recipes… I only believe those that tell us what the prep time is and all other details with it… LMHO @ the cup noodles bit!


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  6. 1. girls will never have the kind of ids which you mentioned because of the fear of letting other know about their real age. 🙂
    2. I also have similar question about why I should click agree without reading but then it’s fact that even after reading you don’t agree, you can’t do anything about it. Either you agree or don’t use.

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