Today is not a good day. Ideas fluttering past me. I try to wind words around them but not happening.

What do the great bloggers do? Do they stretch their legs and swivel their chairs away from the computer screens and say ‘Ah! Tomorrow is another day’. Or do they close their eyes and summon the spirits of Shakespeare and Wordsworth and start typing with increased vigour? I don’t know. I think I will call it a day. Maybe , check out a few others blogs.

Shakespeare , if you are listening, now might be a good time to intervene 🙂




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7 thoughts on “Fillers

  1. Such days sometimes bring out the most interesting thoughts, or spin on words, trust me. What’s important is to be able to just type (old day jot), whatever springs from the mind and fingers. Let its semblance find itself. It doesnt always have to be awesome worthy.

    *signed, Not so great blogger 😉

  2. guys, thanks for the advice.I know what you mean /I guess I need to just continue thought-blogging till something comes up 🙂

  3. Went through such phases numerous times during my stint with our magazine… There were times when I HAD TO write to meet deadlines and there I would sit unable to conjure up even a grammatically correct sentence 😉 … Same while trying to play the violin too… I just stop trying and leave it at that… for me, no matter how hard i try nothing is gonna transpire…so i don’t bother trying :D… but leave aside all this crap which i just said… i think u’ll do well following antony’s advice… 😀

  4. Don’t put writing post on blog in your “To Do” list. It will only create stress. Many times I don’t have single post even for 15-20 days.

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