Hearing the Untold – Part I

Sometimes people tell you things. They don’t necessarily say it aloud. But their words are hidden in their actions, their smiles, their grimaces. Sometimes you need to ‘look’ real close to ‘hear’ what they mean. It might be a slight frown or a deep sigh. It might be hidden in their laughter or it might be speaking out from their silences.

Every day in my life, people speak to me in these silent monologues. Do I listen? Some times. Yet other times, I misunderstand the signs.

So I want to mention some of the people in my life and let them know that when they act the way they do, I understand. And I accept.

My Mother:

Mummy, you scolded me and spanked me when I was younger. You said ‘NO’ when I pleaded for a ‘YES’. But now I hear your unspoken words. Each scolding, each spank resounded with ‘Daughter, I will never judge, but I only want you to get better’.

Mummy, I am a big girl now. I have a child of my own. And yet you still ask me a thousand questions “Did I eat right? Am I tired? Is my job fine? Why am I coughing?”. And in your questions, I discover an ageless truth ‘Daughter, you will always be my little girl and I care’.

Mummy, sometimes you are forgetful. You enter a room wondering why you came inside. You fall asleep in front of the TV. Your memory and body fail you. But when it comes to me, you never forget. You remember every sickness, joy and pain in my life. You can spend a thousand nights awake for me when I am sick. And in the stillness of nights long ago and with memories of your pale face hovering over my feverish one, I heard when you said ‘Daughter, I love you’.

Mummy, when you read this, you will narrow your eyes trying to see the words, until Daddy gets you your glasses. You will ask Daddy to read it aloud for you.  And when he does, you will ask him to explain. And when he does explain, you’ll tell him you know English and can make out what it means by yourself, thank you very much.  And in all this exchange, you will not once mention how happy you are. But Mummy, I hear you say ‘Daughter, I am proud of you’.

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18 thoughts on “Hearing the Untold – Part I

  1. Hey girls, thanks for all the positive comments.M sure all of u totally relate with this, being daughters away from their mothers 🙂 I seriously had a lump in my throat as I wrote this 😦 Felt a bout of home-sickness sinking in.But now feel better after seeing wat u guys have to say (GRIN)!!!
    And Hayaah, kudos for the cute little rhyme 🙂

  2. You being the child, THE MUMMY being the mom, how I’d love it if she could post a comment on this…I think I might just call her up and take it down and post it myself…If I were to mention this post to her ever, I can imagine her immediately avoiding eye-contact and saying in her that-hardly-ever-occupies-my mind tone “avalenne sughippikkan nokkeetha…”..but again as you said, if only one could see what lay beneath that hard exterior :)…Loved the last para…I don’t it’s gonna happen no different in reality… 😀
    Well written…mebbe u are slowly discovering another dimension in ur scribbling skills 😉

  3. u know wat Anoop?.I have told mummy herself 2 go read it n have badgered chichu to help her get to the site!!!I cant wait 2 get her reaction on this one.Man I miss her!!!!

  4. Maria, although I am sitting here in silence…I hope you can hear me say ‘You’re Good friend & a Great Writer’ 🙂 keep on writing & sharing!!

  5. Hi Maria, you write really well… I could so relate to what is written here… keep up the good work…


    • hey Sanjay..long time buddy. thanks for d vote of confidence..feels gr8 2 hear.especially the relate wid it part.dats wat i want 2 achieve wid my readers .pls do subscribe i u wud like 2 get more posts from me 🙂

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  9. After 4.5 years of marriage and staying almost away from home for almost a decade, still my mom keep asking me the same questions like you take your tiffin to office or not, you finished your dinner or not, etc. If I’m not well then even after recovering from the illness, she will keep asking me about my health atleast for next 3-4 weeks. So all such things may look silly to us but for them, it’s like world.
    Who know perhaps Ryan will also write similar kind of post in future about you?

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